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IT lead generation | January 23, 2017

Has Your MSP Business Been Deceived by a Sneaky SEO Firm?

Not All Keywords Are Created Equal

MSP businessbenefits from approaching online marketing as though it were an exact science. While all men are created equal, that may not necessarily be true of all keywords that are in use. “Ubiquitous Perspicacity” isn’t going to be searched in Google or Bing nearly so much as “Dedicated Service.”

What determines whether a keyword is worthwhile or not has to do in part with human psychology, and in part with human education in a given area. In regions of Southern California, where there is a predominantly Hispanic population, there are going to be many searches which utilize differing colloquialisms from those that are seen in the northeastern portions of the US.

Keyword Variances

Keywords don’t vary simply based on an aggregate of human psychological features; they also vary based on region, education, and even income, which can have a part in the precedent factors. You’re not always going to use the lowest common denominator to determine which keywords will have the most effect, but this will definitely be a part of your paradigm in producing content.

As it turns out, there are a lot of SEO firms of the sub-par variety which prey on the lack of information that a given MSP business brings to the table pertaining to online marketing. Don’t feel bad if you’ve been hoodwinked before— there’s an increasingly exact science to getting top-ranked from a search, and if you haven’t done your homework, it’s easy to get taken in by a group who tells you something like “keywords don’t matter that much as long as you’ve got a few in there,” or some other such canard.

As it turns out, there are statistical variances to differing keywords that have been deftly cataloged online and represent effective and non-effective keywords. Additionally, there are keyword saturation metrics which also define your article’s ability to become top rated. If you over-saturate, you’re sunk— there are algorithms designed to boot your page to tertiary SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) if they are over-run with a given keyword.

Optimization Strategy

One of the more successful strategies when it comes to optimization of keywords is to incorporate several different keyword phrases with varying degrees of statistical effectiveness. If you have a family of articles that each showcase the top 10 keywords in pertinence to a given business, there’s a much higher likelihood of rank increase. Though, even with the best keyword use, it’s going to take time for your website to reach that top ranking. These kinds of things don’t happen overnight. What’s required is a concerted, continuous effort which steadily increases online applicability.

When you’re looking for an MSP SEO organization, you want one that specifically specializes in this aspect of IT. Secondly, you want one with a vetted process which incorporates proven methodologies that have produced tangible results for diverse clients. That process will necessarily include steps like:

  • Content brainstorming sessions
  • Review of brainstormed output
  • Content creation
  • Keyword optimization
  • Publication
  • Promotion
  • Guest blogging

Finding an MSP SEO Solution

MSP business marketing can be successfully applied by professional agencies. We at MSP SEO Factory use a vetted process of content creation and promotion that has successfully achieved top-ranked status for many clients over the years. Contact us for online SEO solutions that are ROI-rich and effective.

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