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marketing for IT | January 20, 2017

Take the Blue ‘Marketing for IT’ Pill and Wake up From Syndication Slavery!

There are only a few paths that you can take as a business owner when it comes to marketing for IT.  You can either take the pill that keeps you in the land of syndication, or you can take the pill that opens you up to content that can blow the roof off of what you thought was possible for your company.

The best marketing professionals in the information technology space know and understand how important original content truly is.  The fact is that when you have original content pushing your products and services, you’re going to end up with more eyeballs on your website.  It’s all about doing with your content exactly what you try to do with your product or service— and that adds value to the customer.

The Google Impact

There’s a real Google impact when it comes to marketing for IT and original content.  The way in which Google used to work was based all on keywords.  The goal was to get as much content up on your site as possible, loaded with keywords upon keywords. Before, this tactic would’ve gained you traction on search engines like Google, ranking your business higher and increasing more visibility— the search engine optimization market no longer operates like this.

Google is far more sophisticated than it used to be regarding the way that it reads sites and figures out how best to rank them.  What Google does now with all of their algorithms is that they’re reading the sites, looking for content that’s original and with value.  When you have a site that’s locked and loaded with fresh and rich content, it’s going to rank higher.  The keywords don’t matter as much as they used to (they’re still essential, though)— it’s about original and top-quality content.

Know What Gets Results

As a business owner, you want to know what gets the most results.  Understand the difference between having syndicated content and original content.  You want to have a full understanding of how it’s going to have an impact on your search engine rankings and how it can change the target audience that sees your site.

Many marketing IT professionals are still in the cave times.  They’re still pushing keywords and promoting content— the same content— across multiple sites in a syndicated fashion.  These professionals see no issue in what they do, but they’re also not getting the results that you want and need.

As a business owner, the time to take the pill that leads you to unique, original, and value-add content is now.  To get your site in front of the target audience that can be best converted into customers, you need content that delivers the goods.  Marketing for IT professionals should push you to original content for the betterment of your company and its standing on Google, as well as other search engines.  Reach out to MSP SEO Factory today and begin to take control of your web presence.

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