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MSP Blogs | January 26, 2017

Most Managed Services Marketing Providers Live in Wonderland with SEO Marketing!

It’s amazing how many websites miss the point of how managed services marketing works. If they did understand it, these sites wouldn’t commit the worst SEO mistakes possible, such as publishing an invalid email address or a syndicated blog. Here are ways that professional digital marketers can help your company gain a competitive edge.

Why Original Content Matters

When you create a blog series, it’s important to make the content as original as possible. If you don’t write about solid themes that offer new substance, then search engines might disregard your content as fluff. It’s not good enough to address common problems in your industry and not provide unique solutions. You must make sure that your website isn’t saying the same things as hundreds of other sites or Google may not consider your site to be authoritative.

Experienced digital marketers who understand Google’s search guidelines will be able to create and manage a blog for you that provides fresh and valuable information to the user. The more you can share original ideas that resolve problems, the more you can establish yourself as an online thought leader. Google rewards original thought leaders as authoritative experts and penalizes sites that duplicate other sites. That’s partly why syndicated blogs no longer work and can even hurt your search rankings.

How to Maximize SEO Strategies

When you hire managed services marketing to handle your SEO and content management, you tap into a wealth of techniques that can give your site greater visibility in search engines. One of the techniques an expert SEO will do is join LinkedIn groups. By networking with like-minded people, they can drive new traffic to your site, which is particularly helpful for B2B blogs. The team can also write Google reviews and make sure your company information is sent to various local search directories.

Ideally, your blog will be updated consistently with new content. It’s very important to keep your blog current with timeless material as a way to keep followers returning. A site that never offers new content will likely stagnate in terms of audience growth. Your SEO team will pay close attention to analytics and learn what type of content works best with your audience. Over time, you’ll be able to sharpen campaigns and serve target customers with content they seek. The more you give people what they’re looking for, the more you’ll establish yourself as a thought leader.

Every business has its own competitive niche and must approach SEO in a unique way. Much of your success will be based on keywords, page titles, and fresh information that resonates with your audience. SEO involves both content creation and content promotion, with the help of social media, guest blogging, and other online channels where content can be shared.


Once you have a website, you can’t just let it sit there if you expect to capture qualified leads for your business. You need to present evolving content that holds people’s interest. When you hire an experienced managed services marketing team, such as MSP SEO Factory, you can feel more confident that you will reach your target audience. We’ll help craft original content for your site based on your business niche and help you connect with your audience. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business.

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