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IT lead generation | January 30, 2017

MSPs Should Take a Calculated Risk for IT Lead Generation Success!

Lead generation involves the use of marketing techniques and actions to find potential clients and their contact details. This is through websites and digital marketing. A lead is a person who has shown interest in your company’s product or services. IT service providers, however, haven’t embraced IT lead generation mainly because most of them aren’t ready to take risks.

In his book, The Breakthrough Company, Keith McFarland outlines how, contrary to conventional wisdom about the risk-taking nature of entrepreneurs, they tend to be risk-averse after achieving success. They tend to “play tight” instead of upping the risk which can be more rewarding. To achieve lead generation success, the risk aspect must be involved. This can be done through finding different new ways to warm up potential clients to your business before getting them to buy your services or products.

Lead generation varies from industry to industry, having in mind that the target group also varies. This is characterized by the use of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and the use of emails. They are the most common since they don’t need a huge amount of resources but, rather, new and innovative approaches, which have been well thought through, before being repeated severally. While this requires a big leap of faith and taking calculated risks, IT service providers should be sure of reaping its benefits before long. This can be done through formulating strategies that create interest in your company’s services and looking for clients outside your network. Lead generations, however, can fail if things aren’t dealt with in the beginning. Some of the reasons why your lead generations may fail include:

No begin-to-end process – The best lead generation programs always have a detailed systematic process. They involve processes, individuals, and technology to support it.

No phone based qualification team – The most common thing about failing lead generation programs is leads that use the Internet or social media and directly to sales. Phones are an important tool too. The greatest IT lead generation programs contain a telephone function that approves and introduces leads that meet your lead definition to sales.

Lack of optimization – Since lead generation evolves every now and then, there should be a few tries to initiate changes before giving up. All lead generation programs involve putting up a lot of work. Few shallow and awful lead generation programs keep up the pace, however successful they were initially.

No unified lead definition – This is the agreement between sales and marketing on the individual who will be passed to sales, which you can’t make it in lead generation without. Unified lead definition should involve things like company size, its function while also including psychographic, and a contract signed by both parties. It sets sales expectations and assists marketing by availing whatever sales wants.

Taking calculated risks in IT lead generation is something, which IT service providers should be prepared to do for long-term success. Constant tweaking and testing of your lead generation process will, in the end, improve lead quality and ensure increased revenues. We at MSP SEO Factory believe that taking calculated risks is the best way to guarantee you lead generation success. Contact us to find out more!

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