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IT Sales Leads | January 13, 2017

Confused Web Visitors Will Never Convert Into IT Sales Leads!

Be Interesting

IT sales leads are getting harder to produce in today’s fast-paced world. Here’s the truth about post-modernism: nobody’s got an attention span anymore. If you’re unable to successfully communicate in 30 seconds or less, that which you’re trying to convey, good luck. You’ve got to get that unique selling proposition out there, and quickly— otherwise, diminished attention spans will confuse your prospects. Did you know that modernity has reduced collective attention spans to less than that of a goldfish?

Granted, it’s not quite the same level of consciousness that human beings understand. So, a nine-second attention span may not be quite as definitive as it may at first seem. That said, it’s still a staggering reality, and that reality is positively fostered by mobile technology. At this point, fighting against that reality is kind of a losing battle. What you’ve got to do is learn to work with it. Like Bruce Lee said, “Become like water, my friend.”

Herding Goldfish

You can get IT sales leads to come to you like fish in a pool. Goldfish in a tank or a pond are always looking for food. You hold some fish food above the tank, and they all start to pay attention. Reeling in potential clientele via online content is a very similar proposition. Firstly, you must gain their interest— this is integral to further communication. Gaining interest means “hitting them where they live,” as the expression goes. Find something integral to your target audience and emphasize it. Silhouette it. Define it. Make it so that your target market can’t help but click on your page. Do this on a regular basis and you can introduce a form of Pavlovian conditioning in your readership. Some known successful techniques include:

  • Content that’s interesting
  • Blogs/articles that grab attention and regularly posted
  • Use interesting headlines
  • Introduce effective images
  • Ensure relevancy in content
  • Stay fresh
  • Use professionally-sourced marketing

Experts in Goldfish Marketing

Of course, it doesn’t matter how interesting you are if what you’re providing bears no relevance to your target market. You can try to sell electric blankets to goldfish, but they’re probably not going to go for it— they’re interested in that flaky shrimp brine that comes in the cylindrical container. Likewise, you’re probably going to have a difficult time selling Windows products to an Apple market. If you’re working with a small ma-and-pa store, getting them on the cloud could be more difficult than getting that technology firm aboard. But, at the same time, roles could be reversed even in this scenario. Sometimes, the smaller company has a greater deal of cost-effective latitude to scale up than the larger company. Knowing your audience can be difficult if you’re just taking wild stabs in the dark. You want a marketing expert that understands the goldfish in your particular pond and can help you properly entice them. You’ll be using a process that involves steps like:

  • Idea Brainstorming (Client-centered)
  • Creation of Content
  • Review of Content
  • Optimization of Keywords
  • Publication
  • Promotion of New Content
  • Guest Blogging

If you want to increase your IT sales leads, you’ve got to communicate effectively, quickly, and in an interesting way that brings in clients with vastly diminished attention spans. We at MSP SEO Factory have specifically refined our techniques for exactly this reason, and we excel at increasing leads through cohesive, effective online marketing. Contact us today to learn more about our services and solutions.

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