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IT Marketing | January 11, 2017

Our Original IT Marketing Content Is Like Bringing a Sling to a Sword Fight!

The “Sin” of Syndication

IT marketing through syndicated content seems to be a good idea.  Syndication seems to be a known quantity in marketing, and in a way, this is true. But the ceiling for positive ROI is substantially curbed.

There’s a good analogy you can use to visualize this reality. Consider David and Goliath. Goliath— a nine-foot-tall colossus of a human being— challenges Israel. David, a teenager with a sling and some rocks, answers the call. Goliath blusters and bangs his shield, David swings a stone fast enough and hard enough to knock the giant in the head so that he can be immediately vanquished. It’s like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones is confronted with a cunning swordsman and, rather than engage, just shoots the guy and continues on with the plot. Goliath is like syndication. Goliath is a cunning swordsman among other swordsmen. But in MSP ecosystems, going with unique, original content is like bringing a sling to a swordfight, or vanquishing a corporate marketing giant with several well-placed SEO stones.

Practicing Your SEO Ballistics

Where the analogy between Indiana and David breaks down is in practice and technique. Harrison Ford’s shot in the classic film doesn’t seem to require any great ballistic skill. But David had to hit a small spot on a large target, and he did hit him with a stone from a safe distance, which would’ve required regular practicing. In fact, it turns out stone-slingers in Ancient Israel are reputed for their exceptional accuracy. David didn’t just have a lucky shot. Prior to his famous vanquishing of the giant, he was a shepherd who had all the time in the world to practice slinging stones at small targets. Like thousands of others in his day, David became a sort of “marksman” with the sling.

Many MSPs understand the value of an SEO stone slung with speed at a competitive giant in the IT marketing arena, but they don’t realize they must practice with that stone before they’ll be able to wield it with any accuracy. This practice takes time and money. You’ve got to know keyword ecosystems just like a slinger has to know wind patterns and the arc a stone will take once released from its sling. Syndication can’t increase your company’s accuracy with the sling. And, while you can get somewhere gradually through trial and error, this is going to be costly and will take much longer to provide dependable ROI.

What’s the Solution?

In order to fight against odds as a smaller company or to have an edge on the competition as a larger one, it makes sense to hire a team of expert SEO marksmen to help you wage your marketing campaigns. You’re looking for professionals with a battle plan which includes things like:

  • Brainstorming/Idea Creation Requisite to the Market
  • Subsequent Content Creation
  • Review of Content
  • Keyword Optimization Matching Keyword Ecosystems
  • Publication of Content
  • New Content Promotion
  • Guest Blogging

At MSP SEO Factory, we take a strategic approach to IT marketing which includes the latest techniques, the most successful campaigns, and the most cost-effective methods. There’s no need for a million-dollar marketing sword when a practiced swing of the sling will produce sometimes greater results. For more information on how we can help your business, contact us today!

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