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IT lead generation | January 16, 2017

We Are the Robin Hood in the IT Lead Generation Business!

One of the recurring economic themes we keep hearing about is “wealth distribution,” which goes along with IT lead generation. The idea of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, like Robin Hood, applies to search rankings for small companies taking away market share from large corporations. Since you don’t have to be a billion-dollar company to get top rankings, it’s wise for small businesses to pursue inbound marketing as a method of capturing new leads delivered by search engines.

Attracting Leads Like an Archery Tournament

The magical secret to IT lead generation can be compared with archery, which once again, relates to expert archer Robin Hood. Archery is a game of focus, precision, and targeting. It’s imperative that you focus on delivering quality content with precise calls to your target audience. The more you reach your target, the more reliable leads you’ll convert. These leads can be gained through email, social media, phone, your physical location, or other sources. Lead generation begins with strong SEO techniques combined with the content your target followers are already looking for through search engines.

How SEO Can Be Your Sword

If you face competitors that are ten times your size or larger, it doesn’t mean search giant Google will automatically favor them over you in search rankings. Just as Robin Hood conquered with the sword, you can use SEO as your sword to level the playing field and enjoy “equal pleasure,” taking leads away from royal forces. But, in order to accomplish this task, you must first decide to do something good for your community.

Your community of followers expects you to be the authority on your niche business. You can rise to that challenge by serving them with content that competitors have overlooked or could’ve never thought up on their own. If all your competitors are just copycats who get their content from other MSP sites, then you can defeat them in search rankings by focusing on creative bundling. Google rewards original thought leaders who share expertise while penalizing the greedy spammers and scammers who are trying to deceive the search powers that be.

Tips to Help Attract IT Leads

Your best chance to attract new IT leads to your site is to showcase yourself as an expert who can provide custom solutions to tech support customers. Many businesses are in need of technology consultants they can turn to as a central source to get the answers they need. With that in mind, here are suggestions for your SEO efforts:

  • Create content that answers common customer questions about IT
  • Research your competitors and find holes in their marketing plans that you can fill
  • Build your content on important keywords that define your technical and marketing niches
  • Include colorful attractive images so that your site isn’t just dominated by text
  • Provide links to deeper content, your social media pages, contact information and product pages
  • Make your site an expanding valuable resource for your target customers to keep revisiting


Boosting your online search visibility with strong SEO can help improve IT lead generation and ultimately redistribute wealth to your company. Contact us at MSP SEO Factory to find out more how we can create and maintain a winning blog that’ll send new leads your way.

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