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MSP Sales | December 31, 2016

Why Telemarketing Is Broken: MSP Sales Representatives Hate Making Cold Calls!

Telephone frozen in a block of iceIn this article, we’ll be discussing why cold calling in MSP sales doesn’t work out the way you might want it to. We’ll walk you through the perspective on the issue from both sides of the coin, after which you can come to us for help or do what you like.

Cold Calling from the Customer’s Perspective

Think about cold calling from a consumer perspective. You’re having a normal day, going about your business; maybe you’re really busy or waiting to get a call back from someone you gave your number earlier in the day. Your phone rings and you pick it up quickly… only to discover that the person on the other end is trying to get money off of you. Any potential rush of happiness or excitement quickly dissipates and chances are you’re left annoyed or outright angry as a result— this is how most consumers tend to feel about cold calling.

Cold Calling from the Representative’s Perspective

Now, put yourself in the shoes of a representative. Sales representatives don’t particularly like this particular facet of their job, and even if they’re very experienced in the field of MSP sales, they’re not going to look at cold calling with anything less than disdain or anxiety.

From the representative’s perspective, you have to do something you don’t particularly want to do, typically in order to make a commission of some kind. Calling people at random means you have absolutely no idea what to expect, and typically, that means undergoing some form of verbal abuse for an extended amount of time. While cold calls can work to make a sale on a rare occasion, they’re far from the best solution for making sales.

Why it Doesn’t Work

A smart expert will quickly realize that by trying their business’ product with cold calls, most of which fail, they’re only making a negative impression on the people they’re cold calling, as well as their own employees doing the calls. What sales can be made aren’t typically worth the effort or the unpaid PR, and with that being the case, cold calling seems to be an antiquated business model that no longer has any bearing in today’s economy.

Nobody wants to do cold calling, nobody wants to receive a cold call, and most business experts will eventually realize that doing these calls isn’t the right way to expand their business.
What is it, then, that you can do?

Learning More

If you’re reading up on MSP sales and cold calling, we’re willing to bet that you’re looking for a company that can provide those services for you. Here at MSP SEO Factory, we can offer a wide variety of services for businesses all over, enabling them to increase their footprint online and start gaining sales and recognition.

As experienced as we are in the field, we realize that cold calling typically isn’t effective. What we do instead will have much better results for your business— feel free to contact us to learn more about it!

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