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Fictional Story, MSP Marketing | December 30, 2016

The MSP Marketing Duo Learn to Operate Their Worm Hole in a Box!

Hands and clocks in skyWormhole in a Box

This time, when all matter and reality conformed itself to a roiling corridor of insanity, Steve and Johannes were ready. Merlin’s visage percolated through the craziness, “You have autonomy to travel through time and space at will! My machine is a stolen wormhole contained in a trans-dimensional box shaped like the hourglass in your hand; merely think, and you will be where you desire!”

“So… if I think of MSP marketing,” Johannes began, and the world transitioned into a 20th metropolis even while Merlin lost a ton of weight and became a wizard from a thousand years ago, “I’ll be able to go home?”

“Thou mayest appear where the heart of thine thoughts do lie, even if it dost verily be in lands hitherto estranged from that which your communicative brain doth suppose! Faugh and nigh, Johannes! Comport thyself such that your remembrances match timelines contiguous to thine existence, or all in the universe will be transfigured!”

Amidst the maelstrom of temporal phantasmagoria, Johannes looked at Steve, whose disembodied soul shrugged, “I didn’t understand any of that either,” he said.

“We must be on a different timeline,” Johannes replied, “STOP!”

Strange New Worlds

Steve and Johannes abruptly halted in temporal transition, finding themselves upon a corridor of bone amidst a sea of cat people with lizard bodies. Their manifestation discomfited the feline reptilians who hissed with forked tongues, leaping many feet in the air and scrambling higgledy piggledy.

“Doesn’t look like there are any MSP marketing opportunities here,” Steve observed.

“Agreed,” agreed Johannes as he twisted the hourglass, returning them back to the time vortex. They soon resolved in a fairly “normal” area.

“Are we in our own timeline?” Steve asked.

“Not sure,” replied Johannes. Then a cadre of barefoot, bearded, tie-dyed hippies came marching around a nearby corner tripping on a cadre of potent hallucinogens. “IT’S 1970, AND WE ARE BERKELEY!” yelled the crowd, then grabbed young Steve and disappeared with him, parting around the elder Johannes like he was poison.

“Boss!” Steve yelled, but it was too late, and he was gone in the hippie maelstrom.

Johannes stood alone, debating whether he would follow his marketing manager. He realized the longer he waited, the harder it would be to provide the top-tier MSP marketing about which he was so passionate. He also remembered Steve had a predilection toward hippie culture. Then, he was entranced by a dark metaphysical force on the horizon. Somewhere inside him— maybe due to the hourglass’s influence— Johannes knew this was the power behind the time travel.

The trance he was under revealed secrets of the marketing universe from a billion timelines. Soon, he knew for MSP SEO Factory’s trustworthy services to survive, he must fight this collectivized scourge sifting reality. Only through subtle marketing could the plague of unfulfilled marketing promises be curtailed! But it was growing… and fast. Johannes must transition… he would have to leave Steve.

Yet somehow, maybe from the hourglass, he knew the young man would flourish in 1970’s Berkeley. So, he sighed and memorialized, “I’ll always remember you, Steve Jobs! Now I must return to your future, or subsequent generations may never know

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…and much more,” then he twisted the hour glass and disappeared into the eccentricities of Merlin’s wormhole time.

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