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Fictional Articles, MSP Marketing | December 25, 2016

The MSP Marketing Wars Force Our Founder to Search for Answers!

MSP MarketingThe Mean Streets of MSP Marketing

“You gotta be careful in MSP marketing these days, David,” Johannes said, adjusting a fedora atop a conservative haircut, then popping the collar on his 1930’s noir-type duster, “The landscape’s more cutthroat than a pirate on a carnage binge.”
David, Marketing Director of MSP SEO Factory, stared into rain that fell in sheets and turned the night into a pool of dark and light throbbing in time to the traffic. “How cutthroat?”

“You’re gonna be kidnapped by our black-hat competitors.”
“Ha! You know the future?”
“Yeah, maybe,” Johannes muttered, “Time to find some answers; that’s why I brought you with me— we’re headed to my office. The most unlikely place.”
“You know I could make a joke here?”
“Well, don’t. I founded this company. I don’t have to put up with shenanigans! Up the stairs with you, I’ll follow.”
David chuckled, “You’re paranoid.”
But Johannes wasn’t paranoid.

The Ransacked Office

Standing at the door to their downtown office, Johannes stopped David before he turned the latch. “Listen, kid, you showed up and said you worked for me several months ago; I didn’t believe you—”
“What? You hired me last week!”
“I know that’s how it seems to you, but look, this is some weird stuff. Like I said, I didn’t believe you. But the deeper I get into MSP marketing, the more I realize all isn’t as it seems. I don’t know exactly how, but you told me it had something to do with tonight. You weren’t sure what was gonna happen, you knew you were in my office, and it wasn’t how it should be. You showed up out of the blue one day, told me you’d been working for me. Before I could even argue— David, they.. .took you… and I got you back by the seat of my pants, but I lost you again. Not to them, to… I don’t know. Thought I’d never find you again… then you showed up.”

“Johannes, you’re talking crazy.”

“Listen to me, this is going to get crazy.”

“Would you just let me open the door?”

Johannes sighed, “Lead away.”

David opened the door and gasped. The office was destroyed. File cabinets were thrown to the ground, papers everywhere, a cutting-edge Mac with a broken screen, the main desk overturned in the corner, a bamboo plant that wouldn’t be bambing any boo anytime soon— it was a mess. Except for a corner of the room, where one of those desk-decor hourglasses stood as though it were the world’s own sentinel.

The Disappearance of David

“Man, what happened here? Were they looking for the tricks you use to make MSP SEO Factory such an effective online marketing agency? Would they really stoop this low?”

“I don’t know. All I know is you told me I’d find this tonight, several months ago. I don’t know how. I don’t know why you don’t remember. All I know is… it looks like you were right.”

“Huh,” David said, kicking some papers around in the discombobulated office and picking up the hour glass. “Well, it’s strange, I’ll tell you that—”

“Yeah,” Johannes replied, looking around. “What kinda MSP marketing secrets could they possibly have been after, do you think, David? …David? Hey!” But David was nowhere to be seen. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared.

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