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Fictional Story, IT lead generation | December 29, 2016

This IT Lead Generation Team Lose Their Time Travel Device in Strange Land!

Sunrise in desertSteve’s Strange Perils

Steve’s background in IT lead generation had classical roots, but they weren’t of the time-travel variety. When Erdy Michaels’ goon tackled him, all he could think was that he’d never own his own IT company. Then they finished their transition through time, and suddenly everything was wet, and the goon went limp. They’d landed in a pond, and the goon had smacked his head on a rock near the shore.

Steve had the decency to drag him from the water before standing, trembling, and stealing the man’s clothes— his were rags, after all. They’d landed in a pond across the MSP SEO Factory offices where he’d been employed a week earlier. Asking a passerby on the street as he soggily dripped towards his place of employment, Steve found that it was several months prior the time traveling incident. “I gotta warn the boss, see if I can keep him from doing this to me! But my beard…”

Steve bought a razor and shaved himself then made his way to MSP SEO Factory’s office, ran up the stairs and burst into Johannes’ office, “Joe! It’s Steve!”

Johannes was seated at his desk, his fingers steepled as he looked off in the distance like some Silicon Valley pioneer from the 70s. This resonated somewhere inside Steve as Johannes turned to him and said, “I’ve never seen you before in my life.”

“Johannes, don’t give Erdy Michaels a nuclear wedgie. You understand? Don’t Do It!”

“What…? Security!” Johannes had his finger on an intercom switch, and then Steve was soon escorted from the office. As he was dragged out of the building, the plot caught up to him and Steve was snatched out of reality into a time-travel wormhole. “Steve! Sorry! I thought of you and here you are!” exclaimed Johannes.

“Ahh!” Steve replied as space and time percolated around them like boiling molasses made of stars.

Suddenly, the over-bright stellar goup conformed itself into Merlin’s face, “I’ve locked onto your brain-waves, Johannes! I’m going to pull you out of the wormhole into the timeless lands—”

Everything went dark.

The Timeless Lands

When Steve and Johannes awoke, they found themselves in an endless desert with skyscrapers wrecked and decomposing, while foliage grew from their angled floors as they jutted from the sands. A unicorn galloped by and Merlin’s rotund bearded face with its bug eyes acted like a moon on the horizon, “Find the hourglass, Johannes! For the sake of IT lead generation everywhere, you must find the hourglass!”

“Are those the only stakes?” Steve asked without thinking.

“Of course not, that’s just what’s most important to Johannes!” Merlin admonished. “He cares about IT lead generation, and that’s why MSP SEO Factory has retained its loyal clientele. Also, they have a great process of content creation and distribution, including:

• Brainstorming
• Content Authoring
• Keyword Optimization
• Circulation

…and other important items of promotion. Whoops! Watch out for the T-rex, guys!”

Johannes and Steve screamed and ducked, but nothing was there. “Kidding! The hourglass is to your right; the fear and passion have brought it to the surface of the sands. Now just think of home and don’t transition out of the wormhole, or you’ll have to save the universe!” With that, Merlin disappeared.

Johannes retrieved the hour glass and looked at Steve, “You ready?”

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