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IT services marketing | October 18, 2016

Are Your IT Services Marketing Guest Blog Partners ‘Borrowing’ Ideas?

IT Services MarketingContent is king. This is a phrase you have likely heard time and time again. As a result, your IT services marketing team takes the time to not only create great content for your website, but also puts effort into guest blogging on partners’ sites. This presents an excellent method for you to reach a new audience and garner more business for your IT services.

An All-Too-Common Issue with IT Services Guest Posts

Many owners of blogs that allow guest posting have no problem posting “snippets” and “teaser blogs” that help get your phone ringing. However, there are some that may not find this concept appealing. In fact, some guest blog partners insist on getting all the nitty-gritty details upfront. This is the material you need to keep “secret,” which is what encourages interested individuals to call you.

If you provide all the details on the guest posting, all you are doing is making the guest blog partner look great. The reader never has a need to, or incentive to, contact you because all the information is provided in black and white. It is important to watch out for this because it may mean your guest blog partner is “copying” your original ideas.

The Problem with Copied Blog Content

If your IT services marketing professionals give up all your business and industry secrets, it means your guest blog partner doesn’t need to direct readers to you to learn more. While this may garner them more attention, in the long run, it leaves your business high and dry. Even if the content is published, readers don’t need anything more.

Also, since these are your original ideas and your professional knowledge, these guest posts need to help solidify your position as an authority in the industry. If the guest posting partner is taking the credit, you simply won’t reach your goal to become a thought leader.

Finding Quality Guest Blog Partners

If you find it impossible to convince your guest blog partners that teaser blogs are all they need, it is wise to search elsewhere for new partners. After all, there are countless websites out there where your content would seem valuable; therefore, all you have to do is find them. When you take the time to find sites where you can guest post snippets and teasers of useful information, it can help get you more business and more customers to your website.

If you want to enjoy quality, long-term guest post partnerships, make sure to reciprocate and post a teaser or snippet blogs for your partners on your website, as well. This type of give and receive relationship can keep everyone happy and content with the arrangement.

Do your IT services marketing professionals need help finding quality guest posting partners? If so, contact our team at the MSP SEO Factory website: https://mspseofactory.com/contact-us/. Our team can help you establish your brand as an authority in the industry and find the ideal guest posting websites for your needs. This is a win-win scenario that can help you find success with the guest posts you publish.

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