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MSP Marketing | October 24, 2016

MSPs’ Eyes Are Bigger Than Their Appetites for Writing Marketing Content!

MSP MarketingBeware of MSP marketing vendors trying to influence other IT providers that they can easily cook up high search rankings for websites. Website owners must not have “bigger eyes than their appetite,” since there are limits to what anyone can do to gain organic search visibility. It’s more sensible to find the IT marketing consultant with a proven track record for helping websites achieve high rankings by following elaborate SEO techniques.

How Search Rankings Really Work

No one can guarantee search results of any kind due to the complex factors that comprise search rank algorithms. Seasoned content marketers, however, have a clear understanding that search engines reward quality sites while penalizing fluff. MSP marketing agents need to honestly convey to clients that SEO is not a “just add water” instant cooking formula.

Many times it takes several months for search robots to finally index a website, even when content writers follow all the known parameters that connect quality content with juicy search results. In other words, careful planning is the best recipe for successful search rankings, leading to healthy organic traffic. Here are key ingredients to a winning content formula that marketers must not overlook:

• High quality content is exponentially more effective than half-baked ideas.
• Search engines favor useful content over candy-coated fluff.
• Robots are no longer easily tricked by spamming keywords.
• Use of multiple content marketing tactics yields the best search results.
• A steady stream of fresh content beats sites with stale content.

Why Effective Content Takes Time

Content creation takes time and energy to create and there are no short cuts to achieving magical recipes. It’s better for content producers to do proper research and build a large quantity of quality web pages than to throw lightweight pages together quickly. Users must find value in the content if they are to spend time with it and keep returning for more helpings. Consider these key facts:

• Web users are more likely to sample content until they find what they like.
• Most businesses don’t have time to craft their own content.
• Nearly 75% of major organizations outsource to expert context creators.
• Conversion rates are 6 times higher for high quality content .

Avoiding Pie-in-the-Sky Blogging

Syndicated blogging doesn’t work for everyone, but that doesn’t mean web owners should assume that success is random. Many owners see the expense as a waste so they try to create their own blogs without understanding the necessary work involved to increase the odds for success. What they may not understand is that search engines do not treat all blogs as equal.

Search engines favor blogs that convey expertise and originality, not quickly processed blogs that comprise duplicate content from other sites. A winning site is one that strives to be king of its own niche and offers tasty content that cannot be found elsewhere. So be sure to avoid the cookie-cutter approach. Instead consider a team that takes time to learn your target market.


Every business that depends on Internet traffic wants to expand and accelerate online sales leads, but sometimes it requires outsourcing to an MSP marketing consultant. Contact MSP SEO Factory to learn more about how we can help you gain the highest search engine rankings possible. We can create and manage all your SEO-driven content for you, while you focus on running your business.

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