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marketing IT services | October 4, 2016

Why Focus on LinkedIn for Marketing IT Services?

Marketing IT ServicesLinkedIn is the most powerful way for marketing IT services to collect leads since it’s designed to be a business-oriented network. It’s a convenient resource for focusing on a target market, especially for B2B relationships. It’s also an effective platform for experts to establish themselves as thought leaders. Here are more details on how LinkedIn can help MSPs market IT services.

Why LinkedIn Works

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn has a very serious tone and people are much more careful about what they post. It is considered a valuable tool for both employers searching for employees and employees searching for employers. It’s a social network ideal for establishing business relationships, whether it’s an author selling books to fans or an auto mechanic offering car maintenance tips to followers.

Another reason why LinkedIn works better for building business relationships is that it allows you to connect with influential figures. The more you connect with established authorities, the more search engines will respect your authority. It’s also a place where you can position yourself as an industry thought leader, where you can share ideas and accomplishments with others in your industry.

Group Discussions

One of the best ways to expand your contacts and make new connections on LinkedIn is by joining group discussions. You can also create your own LinkedIn groups for your followers to join. It’s an excellent way to organize your followers by buyer personas. The more groups you join, the more places you will have to promote your brand. You can also create polls to do market research with different groups.

Text Ads

While it’s relatively easy to build a following on LinkedIn simply by connecting with like-minded professionals, you can expand your reach through LinkedIn Text Ads. These ads can be customized in the sense that target audiences can be based on several factors, such as industry and job title. The platform gives you easy tools to adjust your ads and measure your performance in real time. You only pay for clicks or impressions.

Sponsored Content is an additional LinkedIn advertising program that allows you to reach a target market beyond your follower base. It gives you the chance to get your message across all devices and test which messages attract the most leads in your marketing IT services efforts.

Learn From Analytics

You can learn a wealth of information about your target audience using LinkedIn analytics and other web monitoring tools. By learning who has visited your page the most, you can prioritize your leads. When you interact with followers they can refer you to other followers, which expands your stats.

Studying analytics can help you determine who your most loyal followers are and how they behave on your profile. It gives you data on each profile post, how many clicks it generated and how many people interacted with it.


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