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IT Sales Leads | September 28, 2016

Have You Walked Away From Getting IT Sales Leads From SERPs?

Man walking awayThe Main Point Of Content Optimization

IT sales leads are integral to maintaining profitability, and require effective modern marketing techniques. You must use the Internet. You want your IT website in the top rankings. This way local businesses looking for IT support see your company first, and give you their business. So if that is what you want, why are you syndicating your content and stripping away any value from your blog?

Marks Against Syndicated Content

People can tell when they’re reading syndicated content, first and foremost; so this declines the credibility of your organization. Because of this, secondly, Google will not index syndicated content. It already has an original source. This means as a Managed Services Provider, what you’ve essentially done is abandoned potential sales leads you would otherwise have attained via declination of your SERP ranking. The Search Engine Results Pages are tiered by relevance, and that relevance is determined by Google algorithms and processes which favor original, or “organic”, content.

For any MSP to get in the top SERP, they can’t be parleying content which could be found elsewhere. Doing so will ensure that big-ticket national or international organizations will show up before their own local company does. Or, worse yet, it could leave the door wide open for local competitors. Approximately ninety percent of all clicks are going to take place on that first SERP. So if you don’t use directed, original content you’re going to lose ninety percent of potential leads. And you could “see” them walking into the IT office across the hallway; which is surely intolerable.

Building A Renewable Resource

If you keep a professionally-maintained and regular blog bursting with original content, you’ll have a perpetually increasing demographic generator. It works on similar principles to those physically involved in a snowball rolling down a steep hill. As its mass increases, it compresses the snow more and picks up greater quantities until the curvature of the hillside evens out, or a substantial enough obstacle is encountered.

Think about this: if you have just five blog posts during a conventional work week, that’s twenty a month, or 240 a year. If the posts are just five hundred words, it’s like you’ve published a 480 page technical book directly pertaining to your products and services annually (at 250 words per page; a standard in paperbacks). If each blogpost is evergreen and organic, if it’s original and meant to last, then you’ll have a steadily increasing readership that uses your site as a resource. IT sales leads should experience a gradual increase that picks up in frequency with the momentum of your marketing model. From there it’s just a matter of maintaining momentum.

A Reasoned, Quantified Approach

What’s great about modern marketing is that direct numbers can be applied to all aspects of outreach, helping to accurately silhouette a trend. Following the numbers is enough to nail the coffin closed on the syndicated approach. Known means of cogently generating continuous IT sales leads include:

• Creating organic, original content
• Continuously updating blogs (the more the better)
• Providing evergreen content
• Working in accordance with search engines to avoid secondary SERPs

At MspSeoFactory.com, it is our continuing mission to provide top-tier MSP marketing through directed, organic, evergreen content that is original, quantifiable, and continuously renewable through ongoing creation.

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