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MSP Marketing | September 28, 2016

Some Vendors Question the Scalability of Original MSP Marketing Content!

DJ plays musicToday, many top MSP marketing vendors begin to question the scalability of companies similar to MSP SEO Factory, that offer MSPs a much better value with original articles, social media exposure and newsletters. Now, why doubt such convenient services?

Why original content over syndicated blog providers?

Said companies would typically cause other companies to adapt around their practices, however many have found an easy route. Many MSP marketing vendors have found a cheap, non-labor intensive answer in syndicated blogs. Syndicated blogs provide the easiest vertical to scale in MSPs. These blogs offer easy, cheap profits and cost very little in terms of labor and are often a one-trick pony. In general, syndicated blogs provide little in terms of SEO, or search engine optimization. The alternative to syndicated blogs is much more of an investment. And the answer is becoming a company that provides original articles.

Becoming an original article writing company requires an enormous investment in labor and time. There is a way to scale providing original content, yet the IT marketing vendors can’t seem to find a way to actually do it.

So why original content?

It’s not as tedious as it seems.

When the decision is made to become an original article writing company, yes, it is a big investment in time and labor, and the main challenge is coming up with original ideas, but that can be remedied by partnering with a company that is great with generating original ideas. An example of such a company is MSP SEO Factory. MSP SEO Factory has written more original content than any other MSP vendors on the market and the Partner in charge of idea creation is now a published author whom is slated to write more books and content.

By partnering with a company who can provide assistance with original content ideas, you can easily ease the workload of your labor intensive investment.

Why have companies taken to syndicated blogs?

Syndicated blogs provide easy content promotion for MSP marketing vendors. As stated previously, they are plentiful and cheap. Further, syndicated blogs take little to no work to operate and are an easy way for IT marketing. What clients do not know is that syndicated blogs have these hidden cons:

• Syndicated blogs provide absolutely no SEO benefits, as they are tagged as NoIndex within Google’s search engine.
• They may provide easy scaling, but pale in terms with the scalability of original articles.
• There is always the possibility of duplicated content.

If possible, IT companies should avoid syndicated blogs and attempt to create original content to bring value to their site.

If you are tempted to delve into the world of creating your own original articles and content, you should check out our blog at MSP SEO Factory. We are always available to provide professional assistance with anything pertaining to search engine optimization (SEO), MSP marketing and anything else in between. We’re also open to partnership for creative idea creation.

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