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MSP Marketing | September 20, 2016

Planting Guest Blog Seeds in Too Many Places Is a Bad MSP Marketing Strategy!

Seeds in hands with field in backgroundWhat’s The Use Of Spreading Yourself Thin?

MSP marketing has some things in common with agriculture. Consider the following analogy. A farmer goes to plant a crop. He has a thousand seeds. He plants each seed in the lawn of an acquaintance, under the agreement that so long as they water his seed with their lawn, and allow him primary harvest, they also can have use of some fruit which comes from the new plant.

Now some, to whom he’s given seeds, take great care of the plants. Others could honestly care less, and the seeds die malnourished. Meanwhile, the farmer’s competitive friend makes a deal with a guy who owns several fields, and spreads his seeds in thirds throughout them. Granted, the man he’s made a deal with has closer control over the crop, but then fewer plants are lost.

This analogy applies directly to guest blogging. Many MSP marketers prefer to plant blog seeds as many places as they can and hope for the best, just like the first farmer. But that really is like going into someone’s lawn and planting one seed. Sure, every now and again you’ll find a person totally willing to ensure that seed reaches maturity, and yields much fruit. This is going to be the exception rather than the rule, however, and most, to whom you submit your blogpost, will simply publish them, then forget about them.

As a result, no following will be built — the sapling dies, and no fruit comes from the tree. Meanwhile, if you establish a working relationship with an organization who runs a blog and post there regularly, the crop has a much greater chance of growing strong and healthy, yielding exceptional sales lead fruit over time. Additional benefits of having blogposts regularly featured on another’s blog include:

• Reaching more markets
• Building up easily-sourced information catalogues
• Obtaining more actionable market information
• Having increased professionalism

When you build a relationship with high-ranking sites that already evince a naturally professional veneer, said veneer rubs off on your MSP agency, giving you greater legitimacy. MSP marketing already has many things working against it. One common problem is a lack of willingness among MSP technicians to do grunt work. There are few tech people requisite to the task of cogently marketing such services in a general MSP organization, and there’s a ubiquity of competition continuously threatening to overcome new and even established Managed Services Providers.

Though there is high demand for such services, it is not good business strategy to continuously depend on a market’s existing conditions. One of the key constants in life is change, and anyone who’s been in business long enough realizes this aspect of reality definitely affects corporate efforts.

Finding A Trustworthy Marketing Solution

Though MSP marketing may require some investment on your part to see that proper benefits result, there are online solutions which can save you substantial time, money, and effort. One of the most popular of those solutions is cogent SEO design. Search Engine Optimization, once successfully launched, can do the heavy lifting for you, and to diverse markets. We at MSP SEO Factory have spent fifteen years in the field building our techniques, and have developed a statistically applied and professionally vetted seven-step technique that’s designed to ensure your MSP remains viable.

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