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marketing for IT | September 26, 2016

On-Page SEO Is the Last Step to Ensure Your Marketing for IT Stays Relevant!

Giant businessman stepThe presence that your business has in the online space can be a deciding factor in terms of whether you will achieve the growth that you are seeking. When it comes to your online presence, search engine optimization is the name of the game. It is not just about stuffing your home page with endless keywords, though, it is about having a strategy, having professionals that can help you build a plan, and then acting on that plan. You typically do not think about marketing for IT purposes, but that is really what you have to do and that is where search engine optimization comes into play.

Think about what you are doing now from a marketing perspective. Are you spending money on advertising in the form of ads online, on television, and/or radio? Do you feel as though you are getting the most value for your money in this area? You can do a lot of advertising on your own simply by having search engines work for you and with a sound search engine optimization strategy, it can be accomplished easier than you think.

Devise an SEO Plan

It all starts with coming up with a search engine optimization plan or strategy. Think about your target audience and how you can best reach them. Who are the customers that you want to get in contact with and who do you actually want to find your website? The answer should not be everyone because not everyone is going to be a customer. Marketing for IT is all about finding a niche.

It is better to devise an SEO plan that is going to help net you positive gains with target customers that you have a high probability of converting into actual sales. Think about a used car dealer that operates out of a location such as Jacksonville, FL. You could spend a long time trying to get noticed with a keyword such as used cars, but you could get hits from anywhere in the country. Why not target a niche such as with a keyword like Jacksonville, FL used cars for a more localized approach?

Research and Execute

The home page of your business’s website should be beaming with the researched keywords that you have found are going to be the most beneficial to you. If you are struggling coming up with these keywords, IT professionals are going to be able to help you figure out what makes the most sense.

You want to research and well-position your keywords. Figure out what you want to go after and where they should be placed on your home page. You do not want to have these keywords on your homepage dozens of times. It is better to have them in the middle of quality content, fewer times, to get tracked in a more superior way on search engines like Google.

Search engine optimization can help you achieve business results that you never thought possible. Our MSP SEO Factory team can help you achieve business growth, retain current customers, and target new customers. Reach out to our office today to start devising a search engine optimization strategy and executing on it to get results. You can also visit our blog if you want more articles about marketing for IT companies like this.

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