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IT Marketing | September 27, 2016

Original IT Marketing Articles Have a Long Life Span!

Old man sitting in rocking chairIn the world of IT marketing, staying visible and relevant is the key to succeeding. Syndicated MSP blogs look like a nice, cheap way to get yourself out there, but there is an alternative, slightly more expensive way: creating an original article. Creating an original article has more value than syndicated blogs, as they can be repurposed multiple times. In this article, we will cover the benefits of creating an original article.

The Benefits of Original Articles

As stated above, creating an original article can be really beneficial and is certainly worth the cost. After creation, your article will appear as original content on your MSP blog. You can create teaser links to your blog, which you can then place on social media to spread it around. You can also repackage the content as a newsletter.

One of the major benefits to creating an original article is the SEO, or search engine optimization benefits. Syndicated MSP blogs are tagged as NoIndex, and will not appear in search engine results, leading to absolutely no SEO benefits. Original articles keep their value for a very long time. When Google finds your article and indexes it, your article will pop up every single time a person does a relevant search, allowing for more viewers and traffic to your article.

An original article’s strongest factor is the fact that they indeed last for a long time. With IT marketing, keeping your site visible and busy with traffic is your highest priority. Using a syndicated MSP blog may be good for a short term promotion, but due to the lack of SEO, as the sites are tagged as NoIndex, and the chance that your work could be duplicated, it may not be worth the cheap costs.

It is just more beneficial to spend those extra funds into creating an original article for its possible life-span and SEO benefits.

To recap, here’s a list of what an original article can provide:

• SEO, or search engine optimization benefits.
• Flexibility in terms of repurposing, social media compatibility and repackaging as a newsletter, etc.
• A very long life span, securing its value for ages.

Keeping Your Work Alive

Creating an original article is one thing, but keeping your content relevant and your viewers happy is actually pretty easy. To keep your content fresh and still informative, create a follow up article! When you create a follow up article, point back to your previous work to keep it alive and to keep your viewers interested. By doing so, you may continuously create more content, stay relevant and amass more viewers.

At the end of the day, it is your choice to create an original article, or to give your content to a syndicated MSP blog. Both have their share of benefits, but only does creating original work offer SEO. Deciding what your blog needs most is ultimately your own decision. Such is the life of IT marketing!

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