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IT lead generation | September 16, 2016

MSPs Should Stop Relying on Reposting Borrowed Blogs for IT Lead Generation!

Kids borrowing books in libraryInert Resource Conservation Measures

IT lead generation requires a directed approach that can’t be ignored in today’s marketplace. It’s a necessary expense; kind of like rent, utilities, or maintenance. Additionally, the market requires greater effort than it did in previous years for MSPs to remain viable.

The Wild West days of the Internet are quickly coming to a close. Google and other search engines have established parameters enforced by algorithms which ensure that SPAM is curtailed as neatly as possible. One great way that search engines keep unnecessary leads from wasting people’s time is through SERP relegation.

An example of SERP relegation is the loss of ranking that comes from keyword stuffing. When you continuously spam keywords throughout your articles to such a degree that the writing ceases to have a readable nature to it, that raises flags among search engine algorithms. Those flags get your page relegated to a Search Engine Results Page that no one — or at least a statistically minor quotient of the population — is going to look at. Something like 90% of all clicks happen on the first SERP, so being sent to secondary or tertiary pages can effectively render such SPAM sites invisible. As a result, marketeers have adapted their techniques.

One of these adaptations includes reposting old articles acquired on the Internet and adding a slightly different spin. This can be done through rewording, or through a conclusive paragraph. But search engines are becoming savvy to this technique in the same way they’ve become savvy to practices which pertain to keyword stuffing. When algorithms identify an article which has been copied from elsewhere, the original article remains where it is in the search results, and the copied article will only come after it, meaning MSPs who’ve been using this technique achieve essentially zero IT lead generation.

Concerted SEO Practices

There’s no way around it, and TANSTAAFL stands. TANSTAAFL means “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”. What this amounts to is: everybody works for their food. If you see blackberries on a bush and pick them for your supper, you’ve still put in the time to collect them and move them. Even though you didn’t initiate a monetary investment, you did initiate a time investment; and everybody knows time is money.

Likewise, with SEO practices, properly seeing the generation of leads requires continual investment, monitoring, and online networking. You need good, original content that is featured in multiple locations and monitored by a management agency who understands the market, and how best to achieve results with directed content. By rolling up your shirtsleeves and going the “grunt work” route, you can expect several advantages:

• Increased generation of leads
• Increased SERP ranking
• Establishment of continually expanding content base
• Reputation aggrandizement
• Market presence
• Consolidated marketing expenses
• ROI-rich marketing efforts

Professional Advantages

IT lead generation is integral to the functionality of any MSP company, and must happen at a statistically predictable, actionable rate. That’s why we at MSP SEO Factory do everything in our power to ensure your marketing takes off. We’ve been in the Search Engine Optimization business for fifteen years, and use an established seven step process to ensure all created content is of the highest quality and effectivity. Through MSP SEO Factory, you can be sure your MSP will reach the right demographic effectively. Contact us today if you have decided to stop using borrowed blogs and need help in writing quality, original articles for your site.

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