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IT Sales Leads | September 19, 2016

Link Trading With the Masses for IT Sales Leads Is a Dead-End!

Blurred crowd of peopleNobody’s Going To Someone Else’s Site So They Can Find Yours

IT sales leads are hard to come by, and many MSPs use link-trading as a means of increasing their SEO quotient; but this usually doesn’t happen. Think about it critically. You’re on a website looking up information, and though there are links all up and down either side of the page, none of them pertain to what you as a web-crawling information seeker are after. If you do click on one of them, it’s usually accidental, and causes more frustration than anything else.

Additionally, with link trading it takes a long time to get your link posted to that tertiary site — even if you get their link on yours right away. It can be weeks or months, depending. You’d expect the process to be relatively simple: you give them the anchor text that applies to the link, they program it into their website in several minutes or less, and it shows up after the next update. In reality, you’d have a better chance of seeing Congress get anything done before your link gets posted.

Additional Considerations

If you do a link trade, even the greatest caution may not save you from poor trading partners. While it doesn’t generally look bad when traffic is funneled your way, what if the person with whom you’ve traded links has a page replete with simple spelling errors? What if — worst case scenario — it turns out the group you’ve traded links with comes from a foreign country, and they are trying to game the system with their own brand of SEO scam? Well, now that reflects badly on you and your organization. Especially if the group you’ve traded links with has already earned a sour reputation with Google for spinning content or something of that ilk. Suddenly you’re guilty by association.

At the very least, if you want to generate reputable IT sales leads through link sharing, you’re going to have to go about the process with exceptional legitimacy. This means building a relationship with those whom you’re trading links with that may take months, and will have a large time investment involved. Again, it’s like waiting on an act of congress! There’s just not enough benefit for all the hassle involved. Other things to consider that may discourage you from trading links include:

• Google’s dislike of excessive link trading
• Lost revenue from existing customers who dislike your trade partners
• Your own page accumulating useless links
• Search engines may ignore known bad links
• Decreased consumer perception of your MSP
• General unprofessionalism

The Importance Of Solid Lead Generation

Any MSP that’s looking to remain viable needs to have a statistically regular influx of sales leads. A better way to obtain these IT sales leads is proper SEO design and implementation. At MSP SEO Factory, we have spent years honing our online optimization services to the cutting edge of current marketing. We’ve been at it longer than many other agencies and have accumulated fifteen years of successful SEO optimization. We use a vetted process at MSP SEO that has a cyclical nature to it including seven primary steps:

• Brainstorming
• Content creation
• Content review
• Keyword optimization
• Publication
• Promotion of new content
• Guest blogging

Through rigorous known technique, we help diverse clients increase leads without having any fallout from bad links. If you have any questions about this article, or other related topics such as SEO and IT marketing, please click on this link: https://mspseofactory.com/contact-us/.

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