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IT services marketing | September 23, 2016

IT Services Providers Should Post With High Frequency to Prove Their Marketing Authority!

Businessman knocking judge's gavelOffering IT services marketing to businesses is a competitive arena in which many players get lost in the online sea of white noise. Google and other search engines are flooded with such sites, making it difficult to achieve high search rankings. But if you establish a niche, it’s possible to outshine IT marketing competitors, especially if you use PPC advertising. Here are ways to attract attention to your marketing expertise.

Post Original Web Articles

Since IT services marketing involves SEO, you need to set a good example for clients with your own website. Make sure your site either has a blog series or collection of articles showcasing your expertise. There are several ways that prospects can double-check your skill level, whether it’s by using a traffic ranking tool such as Alexa or just testing keywords in search engines.

It’s imperative that your web content is updated frequently, or it will reflect upon your credibility. There are plenty of web trends to write about, so keep your content as fresh as possible. Once you stop giving followers a reason to return to your site, the result is stagnant traffic. Consider writing about new technology or offering marketing solutions that no one else has thought of yet. Even if you cannot think of new ideas, try interviewing influencers in the IT industry.

Show Your SEO Mastery

In order to prove your SEO knowledge, you need to show up on the first page of Google search results for several keyword phrases. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about the competitive field of SEO, as you mainly need to prove that at least some of your web pages have high rankings. Start testing out meaningful keywords so that you can find areas where you can dominate with minimal competition.

You can stay relevant with IT topics by writing about vulnerabilities and solutions that have not been widely addressed online. Specific viruses or unique reasons for security breaches might be a place to start. You can also offer video interviews with transcriptions to build original content. If you demonstrate enough authority, YouTube may give your videos high rankings. Encouraging followers to review your videos on YouTube will help demonstrate effective multimedia marketing.

Tips for Promoting Marketing Services

It’s very easy to get drowned out online if you are doing your Internet marketing yourself. Since much of the content in this field is duplicated, you need to prove that you think ahead of the curve. One way to do this is to review new marketing technology, giving pros and cons. Consider the following tips as well:

• Avoid basic IT and SEO topics that already have been saturated
• Look for recent studies and statistics on inbound marketing to comment on
• Identify areas of concern for IT providers that get little coverage
• Cross-promote other IT professionals through guest blogging
• Build marketing authority by writing about small business success stories
• Link to your social media profile where you can post more diverse content


Ask yourself how well of an example you are setting with your website for demonstrating your authority in IT services marketing. If you want to stand out from the rest, be sure to offer fresh marketing ideas in your articles and blogs. Contact MSP SEO Factory to learn more on how you can empower other businesses online: http://mspseofactory.com/contact-us/.

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