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IT lead generation | August 15, 2016

To Win at IT Lead Generation You Have to Get in the Game!

Tabletop game with dice and game piecesYou Can’t Continuously Coast With Referrals

Considering 22% projected growth in the Information Technology industry by 2020, IT lead generation is increasingly integral. Many IT professionals accrue regular clients and operate from there, but as demand for such services rises, additional providers likewise develop, scraping off loyal clients. If your organization has fallen behind in outreach, it’s likely to lose profit relative to increasing IT demand. There will certainly be newer startups savvy enough to jump into the marketing waters. It may not always be the superior product that wins out. It could be the flashier one.

A Human Look

Mike Judge started his career in physics, moving to Silicon Valley in 1987 for a programming job before becoming the satirical comedic wizard he’s known as in the entertainment industry today. One of his most recent successes is Silicon Valley, which focuses on the IT industry specifically, and demonstrates how perceived presence via marketing strategy can be a real game changer. The series makes an analogous comparison to that which actually went on during Apple’s startup days before they became what they are today; T. J. Miller’s brash comedic persona satirizing Steve Jobs.

A big component of Apple’s success has been their marketing — and, according to Forbes.com, its simplicity. Mike Judge is quick to capitalize on this aspect of the industry in Silicon Valley, where he simultaneously displays why those working in IT startup companies, and professional corporations, don’t correctly focus on this integral aspect of the industry. To summarize: it doesn’t seem to many within the industry to be an integral component to the industry.

But Apple has proven otherwise, so substantively that an entire television series is metaphorically reproducing the company’s history. While the show’s harsh language and often vulgar humor won’t appeal to all audiences, the takeaway for tech companies is: demand is so hot right now, the right products or services really just need a push in the right direction, and they get their piece on the marketing game board.

IT lead generation is much easier than many other forms of marketing because the services provided are fundamental to most modern business operations today. Additionally, from every level of business operation, affordable marketing options designed to grow with your business exist.

The Right Stuff

It’s no use spending a million dollars marketing a first-time novel. It makes more sense to find a high-profile reviewer, and spend a portion of the profit on further marketing endeavors and contacts should the review prove lucrative. If you just spend all your money initially, no matter how good the book is, funds will run thin. This is the same in the fiction industry as it is anywhere else, including IT. You need to grow your marketing with your business. Some excellent, affordable, naturally expansive digital marketing options designed for IT lead generation include:

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• PPC Campaigns
• Original Content

We, at MSP SEO Factory, have seen that original content can quantifiably increase IT lead generation. The actual market confirms this. Get in the marketing game and start small if you have to; expand your marketing to fit the needs of your business, and through lead generation, you’ll see your investment pay off. IT is in demand, and the industry yet expanding. Don’t be shouldered out through accidental complacence.

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