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MSP Blogs | August 18, 2016

Understanding the Value of MSP Blogs Is Like a Blind Man Describing an Elephant!

Blind man and elephantThe value of MSP blogs are not always understood by managed service providers in the market. So many MSPs think that all they have to do is “their job” and nothing more, and they will be successful at what they do, the company that they run, and the career they have chosen overall. That could not be farther from the truth. In order to make an impact in the IT market, you need to stand out and one of the ways to do that is to use search engine optimization to your advantage through value-added blogs, right on your site for current customers and potential new leads.

The Blind Man and the Elephant Connection

When it comes to MSP blogs, many professionals in the market just do not see their value. Think of it like the classic story of the blind man and the elephant. The story goes that an Indian king asked a group of blind men to come together and describe to him what an elephant looked like. All of the blind men went and touched the elephant, one body part at a time. They all then described the elephant differently, never with the full picture, never giving a complete perspective of what the elephant was all about. The same can be said when IT providers do not get the full picture of what value blogs can have to them and their business overall. You get pieces of information on the value of blogging and search engine optimization, but never all of the facts so that you can see what can be derived from such work.

The Value of Being Top Ranked

Blogs are very powerful tools when you are trying to compete with other providers. It is all about being ranked highly with the target market that you are trying to attract around certain keywords and phrases. Think about an IT provider that is targeting companies in a certain service industry, in a specific geographic area of the world. When you can use blogs to rank highly for these customers when searching for such an MSP product on the Internet, you are going to be off to a great start to help with brand recognition and leads.

Getting Leads Right From the Internet

The more that you can have people find your company naturally, without you having to spend exuberant amounts of advertising dollars, the better off your business is going to be. As a tech provider you want to keep your service costs low so that you can continue to flourish. When you have leads coming in as a result of your blogs alone, you can get them directly and help turn them into long-term customers.

As an IT provider, understanding the value of MSP blogs for your company is very important. We, at MSP SEO Factory, know this all too well… Give us a call if you want to start working on getting quality content added to your site’s Internet presence today: (210) 758-4971. You may also visit http://mspseofactory.com/ if you want to learn more about us.

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