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IT Marketing | August 22, 2016

We’re Overtaking the Competitors of Our IT Clients in the Internet Marketing NASCAR Race!

Nascar raceA Prolonged Event

IT Marketing is a lot like a NASCAR sporting event. The NASCAR 500 is a race that includes five hundred laps around an ovular track at breakneck speeds. Because of the length of the race, it’s possible to win it even if you started out dead last, and there’s where the analogy begins to take shape.

With a good driver, a finely tuned engine, and a pit crew that knows what they’re doing, any car can win the race. When it comes to marketing for IT, your engine is the platform from which the marketing putsch is conducted, and the driver and pit crew are the experts running both the platform and marketing efforts. The thing is, if there isn’t exceptional experience in your marketing team, if there isn’t solid marketing history and successful strategic implementation, there’s no way you’re going to overtake the other drivers out on the racetrack.

Ultimately, you’re not alone in this race; and the faster you can go — the closer to winning you can get — the more “sponsorships” you’re going to get, the more successfully you’ll be perceived, and the more fans you’ll acquire. Sponsorships are like business leads; perception is like marketing/PR outreach; and fans are like customers. The faster you are, the closer to the front of the race you can be, and the broader your demographic becomes.

The Necessity of Pit Stops

In almost every race there are pit stops. You’ve got to gas up, tires are going to wear out. Analyzation and optimized operation require direct, cogent, conscientious involvement regularly. This includes tweaking your marketing engine with blog updates here and there, and quickly switching out the tires of your optimization strategy when it begins to run thin amidst the other drivers. The finish line’s page one of the SERP that appears when a potential client’s in the market for services you provide.

Why It’s Integral To Get On The Top SERP

When you’ve got a marketing firm on your side that specializes in IT applications like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the like, you should remember that like the Indy 500, it takes time for the race to be won. Think of each lap like a generation of content expositing your products and services. IT marketing is regularly successful, but it must mature like a fruit, like a career, like musical affinity and performance, or like the culmination of a NASCAR race.

Many clients give up (break down) before reaching this integral climate of marketing security. That’s like quitting the NASCAR race right in the middle when in the lead. Just because you haven’t finished the race doesn’t mean you should get worn out and quit! Roughly 90% of all leads are going to come from the first page, because those are the links readers click on.

Win That Race

To sum it up, IT marketing requirements in the digital NASCAR race of modern business give your business’ engine the most juice, keep its digital marketing tires primed and ready, and can help you maintain momentum until the first page finish line of cogent SERP application is crossed. The advantage of groups who provide Internet marketing include:

• Operational Maintenance
• Quantifiable Results
• Long-term ROI

Getting a professional IT marketing team is the difference between solidarity and your own pit crew. If you have any questions about this article, call our MSP SEO Factory office today: (210) 758-4971.

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