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Managed Services Marketing | August 16, 2016

Don’t Stop Short of Achieving Your Managed Services Marketing Goals!

Giving up before reaching managed services marketing goalA Long Road

It can take a while for managed services marketing endeavors to pay off, but they are important in a market that is expanding by the year. When the industry grows, so do businesses within it; and new startups pop up like dandelions in the springtime. The difficulty comes when you’ve already expended a great deal of resources toward marketing, but have yet to see any ROI.

The timetables for a marketing endeavor will differ per organization. What’s important to consider is that short-term marketing strategies will yield short-term return, whereas long-term strategies will yield long-term return. It’s a “get out what you put in” kind of thing. That said, going the long-term route is advisable for security in the future; oftentimes evergreen content can yield returns five, ten, even fifteen years down the line. It’s important not to lose sight of the goal when immediate gratification doesn’t come into play.

Giving Up Before A Big Win

Did you know that an unconscionable number of people throw in the towel right before success would have come? According to Quora, this often has to do with plain old fatigue. The day-to-day grind without immediate results over time wears on the company and those in it, such that even when they’re knocking on the back door of ROI, they give up before knocking again; because whoever was inside didn’t hear them initially.

They don’t realize one more knock would catch the attention they’re after! Most commonly, organizations are apt to give up on their content advocacy on the second SERP page. It can take a lot of time and effort for a managed services marketing agency to get a client to that page, and through dint of fatigue and misunderstanding, many don’t keep marching up the marketing peak.

Consider this: the possibility of ROI is greater than negative ROI. If you stop marketing before you get the results you need, you’ve really just wasted your time. Marketing endeavors need to be approached from an attitude of patience, and that’s fundamental to the game. Those using these techniques must be willing to see them through. Instead, people expect short-term results from long-term marketing strategies, and become discouraged when their incorrect expectations aren’t fulfilled.

Working With A Long-Term Marketing Agency

What makes sense is to find a long-term marketing agency that offers the right kind of content. You’re looking for things like:

• Managed SEO
• Original content
• Evergreen content


Ultimately, you’re looking for an agency that regularly produces predictable, cyclical, quantifiable results through a vetted process that’s been used with multiple clients, and produces content which continuously generates leads over time. In fact, as time goes by, the content’s veracity should diminish as little as possible. Sometimes it will even increase in value over time, depending upon its usefulness to potential clients, and how easy or difficult it is to find on the Internet.

About the Contributor

MSP MarketingMike Bloomfield currently serves as President Geek at Tekie Geek, a company providing IT support to Staten Island small and medium-sized businesses. Since 2012, Tekie Geek has been offering services like IT consulting in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, and New Jersey areas. Other computer services Tekie Geek offers in Staten Island ranges from providing technical helpdesk support, data recovery in Staten Island. They have been awarded a CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark, which is a respected industry credential that signifies the company’s adherence to best practices for technology service delivery and customer interaction.

Mike started with computer repair in Staten Island at a very young age and hasn’t slowed down since. He has served in the computer services industry, in Staten Island, as an IT director, Engineer Manager, and a Director of IT/Research and Development. In 2012, he started Tekie Geek with the hope of being a one stop shop for all IT consulting services in Staten Island. When not working, Mike is a true geek and will be watching one of his favorite shows or movies, which include Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Gotham, and much more.

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