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MSP Marketing | August 11, 2016

Are Your Current MSP Marketing Internet Rankings a Sitting Duck?

Sitting duck targetThere are some MSP marketing professionals who rely solely on on-page keyword optimization for success. While they may have some top ranked positions, they are essentially just a sitting duck. The fact is, on-page keyword optimization is considered the most basic form of SEO, which means that it is easily overtaken by competitors who are putting in the additional effort and posting original content on a regular basis. The fact is if you are an MSP marketer, and you are relying only on this technique, there is a certainty that in the near future you will see your rankings “shot” down, much like a sitting duck.

The Problem with On-Page Keyword Optimization

When you utilize on-page keyword optimization, you may, for example, take a webpage and change up the keywords. This is done if the original ones don’t seem to be working. The goal of this effort is to adjust the keywords, without altering the content, to achieve better rankings. However, this is an effort that is no longer as effective as it was in the past. In fact, it is crucial to optimize everything on the page. This means if you are only relying on keyword optimization for your webpage success and ranking, your efforts won’t result in much success.

When it comes to MSP marketing efforts, you have to take action to make a change if you are utilizing this ineffective on-page keyword optimization strategy. If you don’t, there is a good chance your rankings will be “shot” down as soon as one of your competitors becomes Internet marketing savvy and learns that keyword optimized webpages, and powerful link building will trump these efforts.

Is it Time for a Change?

Now is the time to evaluate your efforts. If you have been “shot” down from your rank due to not having original content, then it may be the right time to create a new strategy. The fact is, gaining and maintaining a high rank in Google is often as easy as posting optimized, original content with strong links on a regular basis. While this will require more time and effort than the old method of just switching keywords if they are not working properly, it will be well-worth it in the long run.

If you are unsure if your efforts are effective, take a look at your current rank. Is it falling? Do your competitors seem to be beating you out on a regular basis? If the answer is yes, then it may be time to seriously reconsider your marketing efforts and what changes you can make to solidify your spot in the Google rankings.

When it comes down to it, Google rankings are important, and if you don’t treat them in this manner, you may find your competition is out ranking you every time. If you have an MSP marketing manager who is ready to make a change and see better, lasting results with their efforts, contact the professionals at the MSP SEO Factory. We can help and create a customized strategy that will lead to better results than you have ever seen.

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