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marketing for IT | August 4, 2016

We Can Get All Your Marketing Stars to Align for IT Sales Success!

Planet alignment with bright starWhen the stars all come into alignment, people are inspired to expect something magical! It’s a similar sensation when three main secrets involved with gaining high Internet search rankings fall in line to “magically” gain top rankings. The following is a look at keywords, fresh content and guest blogging, all of which can increase your odds of sky high search rankings and enhance your marketing for IT.

Anchored Keyword Text

Keywords are the building blocks toward shining stars that define a successful website. The reason why proper anchored keyword text on your homepage is essential for a three star alignment is that it shows your content provides options for deeper learning. Just like gazing at the stars at night, links to relevant sites or your own informative web pages give the impression of an endless universe of knowledge.

Be careful, however, not to overdo it with links, since Google considers too many links, especially to irrelevant sites, to be spam. Anchor text, which is the clickable text to other destinations, must contain keywords that summarize the content that the user expects to read more about, especially in the aftermath of the 2012 Penguin update.

Keep in mind that Google’s algorithm analyzes and compares links with content and it penalizes multiple exact matches of duplicate keywords. Relevant brands names work well as anchor text as long you avoid duplication.

Updating Your Blog

You must continuously update your blog with original content to stay relevant with both followers and search engines. Be sure to include this concept in your marketing for IT to let businesses know that blogging only works when time and effort is put into quality content. Failing to update your blog will almost ensure that visitors will forget about your site as a resource for ongoing exclusive information.

Keeping content fresh alerts readers your blog is alive and has more important information to come. A blog should be thought of as an evolving series that sparks curiosity. The combination of a consistent storyteller-quality narrative and rich content will allow your blog to rank higher than bloggers trying to get away with cloudy fluff. So don’t be shy about outshining your competition.

Cross Promotion with Guest Blogging

To increase your star power, guest blogging is one of the best ways to create win-win relationships online. The key to making guest appearances on other blogs effective is to only choose relevant sites that match your site in terms of shared vision or industry. If both blogs appeal to the same type of audience, you have a chance of expanding traffic for both sites.

The beauty of guest blogging is that if you share enough valuable original content, you also raise your level of authority with Google, which prioritizes blogs that convey expertise. In fact, the more that you can convince followers that you are an expert in your niche and you are connected with other relevant authority figures, the more Google and your followers will think of you as a superstar blogger.


If you are looking for companies marketing for IT, call us at MSP SEO Factory today, (210) 758-497; we can teach you how to expand your market and raise your tech credibility with your customers. You will thank your lucky stars above for moving up in search rankings, thought leadership and strategic partnerships.

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