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IT services marketing | July 4, 2016

Without Keyword Research You’ll Never Reach the IT Services Marketing Destination!

Lost with many directions to goMany businesses claim to be experts in IT services marketing, but are often missing a key piece in their marketing strategy.

No Strategy Is Good With A Missing Piece

Any IT marketing business worth their salt will expose the benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the creation of original content and making regular updates to your site and social media. Especially poor ones will miss a few of those, but in this case we’re talking about ones that are actually good, but suffering from just one critical flaw: a lack of keyword research.

See, keywords themselves are what drive searches. What you type into Google whenever you’re looking for something is a keyword, and those are the keywords your content should be optimized around. The issue here is that many businesses will think they know all they need to know, and start focusing on the wrong keywords. The only way to avoid this is to perform proper keyword research.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the practice of researching keywords based on factors like relevance, popularity and location. If you’re a local business, you should be aiming for keywords with high search volume in your area, not ones that have high search volume the next town over. Many businesses providing IT services marketing think that they can market around the same keywords in similar locations, but what’s effective in one place may not be effective in another. Some will just wing what they think will work without doing the research, and that can also be significantly harmful.

Proper keyword research will help your marketing provider find the relevant keywords they need to be optimizing around. Once they know what those keywords are, they can start focusing on your content strategy and raising your search engine rankings.

Why You Need It

So why is keyword research so important? Basically, without the right keywords, everything else your marketing provider is doing doesn’t matter. They can be putting out the hottest original content on a tight schedule, monitoring social media, tweaking your site’s usability and following all the rules. But if they just aren’t targeting the right keywords, you aren’t going to rank, and you won’t know any better if they’ve decided on keywords with low relevancy and search volume.

If you aren’t seeing the desired results from your marketing team, it might be time to ask for more insight into their process. If they seem to be doing all the big things right, start looking for the basics: like keyword research. It doesn’t matter how good you are at hiking: going into the woods without a compass means you’re going to get lost. Even something as great as the Titanic sank; thanks to one seemingly minor flaw.

Do You Want to Learn More?

To get a better idea of issues like this, and others that might face you, check out our blog: https://mspseofactory.com/blog/. Even if you don’t work with us directly, we like to give you information to avoid issues like this. Here at MSP SEO Factory, we proudly consider ourselves IT services marketing experts, and you can call us for a consultation to learn more, (210) 758-4971.

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