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IT Marketing | July 22, 2016

Overlooking a Guest Blogging Strategy Can Lead to a Failed IT Marketing Campaign!

Watch your step signHow Guest Blogging Yields ROI

In IT Marketing, blogging has become a mainstay of advertisement. It works like this: a blogger, or a company, hosts a regularly-updated weblog that has an inbuilt, diverse readership. Consider a “gaming” blog. Gaming blogs will follow the trends in games, and can build up a large following fast. They can also fall flat on their face just as quickly, which is why they’re being used as an example here. By making regular, qualitative posts of the “evergreen” variety regarding popular subject matter, a gaming blog — or a film blog, or a music blog — comes with an inbuilt audience directly. As a result, many companies seek to utilize that inbuilt audience if they can. They’ll target a blogger who has a very large following and write a content-and-keyword optimized blog as a “guest” blogger. This puts their marketing endeavor in front of millions who are more likely to read it and be diverted toward their site. If you want trustworthy, quantifiable ROI, then you do not want to overlook the value of the guest blog.

Codependent Relationships Of The Positive Variety

IT Marketing benefits from some form of quid-pro-quo relationship, if it can be achieved. Sometimes a guest-blogging opportunity may require you to pay the blogger who plays host to so many potential clients in your demographic. Sometimes a trade can be made. By trading guest blogs back and forth, it’s possible for you to save on your investment while maximizing your available client pool. This isn’t the regular arrangement, however. That said, finding a group with similar aims to your own who has a built-in market, but isn’t directly competing with you, can definitely help boost SERP rankings, ROI, and content-effectiveness.

Finding Well-Respected Industry Websites

Independent blogging can only go so far in establishing a readership. Meanwhile, an industry website that’s become known as an authority will usually have corporate funding behind it. Consider Craftsman, Ford, GMC, Sony, Sears, or any big-name seller. Through high standards and a history of success, such organizations have built up a following that they maintain through regularly-updated blogs. Getting your business or services featured with such a name via guest blog post can yield substantial traffic. Again, some sites will charge you; but sometimes other relationships can be arranged. There are many websites that will accept guest blog posts, but here’s the thing: you’ve got to be a professional writer. Because of the professionalism behind most blog posts, they can’t accept sub-par content. And you may have some great writers under your employ — truthfully! But blogging is now an industry, and you’ll save a lot of time and aggravation by finding a professional content-creation agency who knows what such sites are in the market for, and how to get accepted.

Marketing Strategists For Hire

Professional IT Marketing firms have strategists and experts that not only understand how to best optimize a given site for a given search engine, but are proactively discovering new online marketing techniques every day. Oftentimes they foster working relationships with big-ticket blogs who are willing to accept guest posts by well-read writers. Furthermore, such groups use SEO optimization techniques, analysis, quantification, and implementation that would be impossible to fully effect without full-time involvement. MSPSEOfactory.com offers guest-blogging facilitation, keyword optimization, metrics and data which regularly demonstrate positive ROI.

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