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marketing for IT | July 25, 2016

Marketing for IT Through Blogs Should Not Be About Self-Promotion!

I got mine and I got yours too cartoonNobody Likes A Self-Aggrandizing Individual

Marketing for IT should encourage clients to retain services. It should attract them. There’s nothing attractive about a “me me me, I’m the best” mentality. A corporation that sends this message faces decreased client retention. There is an old piece of wisdom that goes, “Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth”.

If you build a blog that just talks about your own activities and accomplishments as a business…who’s going to want to read it? Maybe the employees of the company will, maybe management personnel running things. But are they the client fuel which maintains your business’s engine? Your blog is not a twitter feed! You need to have information that isn’t just interesting and expositional, but provides value to potential customers.

Aspects Of A Blog Which Provide Value

There are several things you can do to structure your post in such a way that its content recommends itself as valuable to your readership.

• Make It Utilitarian – Readers should be able to reference your blog when they need to for information.
• Share Expertise – If you have something to give, those who need it will come to get it.
• Video and Photo Presentation – the LCD is what you’re after here; the “Lowest Common Denominator”. LCDs don’t want to read, they want to see a visual lego schematic and build from there. So provide that for them — you’ve got to be as all-inclusive as possible with any business venture, and incorporating demographic LCDs is a great way to do that. Marketing for IT must have the broadest applicability for the highest success.
• Answer Popular Questions – Of course you’ll have an FAQ page somewhere; but there are always going to be questions that crop up after the fact. Additional points if you manage to answer a question before competitors do.

Continuously Useful Content

A business providing lawn maintenance care would do well to write a blog presenting tips engineered to help empower customers. They could use that blog to specify certain sales items available at local and online stores. Subtly, such an organization could discourage clients from doing the work themselves, and encourage them to hire their agency. This can be done by gently emphasizing unpleasant aspects of work done by an individual, as opposed to that conducted by professionals. Or any of a dozen ways — the point is, providing valuable, evergreen content which answers questions, spreads expertise, and becomes useful, doesn’t necessarily discourage customers from using available resources provided by a business.

Or put it this way: an IT firm specializing in computer repair will suffer little to no loss in business should they paste a step-by-step process on rebuilding a laptop’s CPU. Modernity is digital; but very few people truly understand what that means. In 2016, a schematic could be followed with reasonable success by a millennial for the building of an electrical circuit. But they’d still probably rather go to an electrician. IT sciences are the same. Providing an evergreen article explaining their intricacies will do more to help your business than harm it.

Trustworthy Marketers

Marketing for IT can be difficult, but providing value, simplicity, utility, and expertise will recommend your goods or services. We, at MSP SEO Factory, create this kind of professionally-engineered content, and can help you increase ROI through dependable digital marketing. If you have any questions, please visit https://mspseofactory.com/contact-us/.

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