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IT Marketing | July 1, 2016

Many IT Internet Marketing Providers Are Flat out Hypocrites!

Wolf in sheep's clothingIT marketing is complicated enough without the experts — you’re supposed to be able to trust — lying to you, or being hypocritical. Unfortunately, this is a common status quo when it comes to digital marketing companies: since they’re doing work for many businesses that might not be savvy in marketing, they’re able to slack off and get away with it. It can be quite difficult to be able to tell the difference!

Fortunately, after this, you can. Let’s talk about how to root out a hypocritical Internet Marketing Provider.

Do They Provide Syndicated Articles?

The first question you should ask yourself is if you provider is providing you with syndicated articles. They might even tell you outright that you’re getting syndicated articles while singing its praises, but many won’t tell you what syndicated articles actually are. Basically, a syndicated article is one that’s posted on multiple sources and sites, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes spread out. They can even have minor changes from site-to-site, if the provider is especially sneaky.

This provides the illusion of regular content creation, but in truth you’re getting content that bogs down your search engine rankings and might even make it look like you’re stealing from the business’ other clients! How do syndicated articles differ from original ones?

Syndicated Versus Original

The main difference between syndicated and original content can actually be seen in their names. While syndicated content is syndicated across multiple sources, original content is unique. Original content is created by the company expressly for your site, and won’t be reused for another down the line.

The importance of original content over syndicated is very simple: SEO. Your rankings are determined by a multitude of factors, but one of the most important parts of SEO is the creation of original content posted on a regular basis. Search engines will notice content that’s obviously plagiarized, paraphrased or only slightly tweaked, and punish the rankings of all the sites responsible. It doesn’t take a genius to see that that’s poor IT marketing.

How To Verify Their Claims

Some of you might think that perhaps the marketing providers simply don’t know that syndicated content isn’t very good. Unfortunately, the fact that they are experts means they can’t plead ignorance. In fact, their practice often reflects hypocrisy: when advertising themselves, they’ll only produce original content, and only work with writers capable of producing original content. But when it comes time to provide for their customers, all they’ll give you is regurgitated, syndicated content that makes your rankings plummet.

The only way to verify their claims is to dig deeper. Ask to see the websites of the other people they work for, and make them specify the difference between original and syndicated. Don’t let yourself be fooled!

Learn More About Internet Marketing

The best way to protect yourself from poor IT marketing providers is by educating yourself. One way you can do that is by reading our blog to fill yourself in on all the latest tips, tricks and trends in the digital marketing industry. You can also, of course, just go with a reputable provider that you can trust not to try to trick you… but we’ll let you draw your own conclusions there. For questions, feel free to call our MSP SEO Factory¬†office today (210) 758-4971.

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