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IT Marketing | July 20, 2016

Just Relying on IT Keyword Optimization Is a Sinking Marketing Ship!

Men on lifeboat with sinking ship in backgroundOptimizing IT Marketing

IT marketing requires keyword optimization. But stopping there will sink your marketing ship. Any business is like a vessel sailing the ocean. With enough capital, the vessel will sail grandly. But over time, systems of order tend towards disorder — that’s the second law of thermodynamics. Even top-tier institutions can sink in a week with poor business practice and no marketing to speak of. Consider Bear-Stearns, who had a bad news report that scared investors into bankrupting the investment bank in 2008.

Search Engine Optimization Requires Cogent Content

The first ten results on the first page in a Google search are going to get 90% of the clicks. Having the right keywords is fundamental to optimizing your page such that it shows up on the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page). That’s “launching” your ship. Over time, however, keywords won’t have the same effect they did. Are “hip cats” dancing the “Electric Slide” and getting “perms” anymore? Or are a bunch of dreadlocked hipsters grinding? Over time, terms don’t just fade out of common parlance, they lose meaning. The key to evergreen SEO is designing content which continuously matches that for which people search, and being faithful about updating it.

Don’t Be Chintzy

There are some who think “updating content” is just switching around keywords to remain contemporary. Nothing could be further from the truth. You’ve got to be careful in IT marketing when it comes to keywords. Filters are designed to sort digitally optimized, “robot” — or “spun”– content from that which has been clearly written by an actual flesh-and-blood human being. “Keyword stuffing” is a great way to get yourself shuffled to a tertiary SERP. Negative results from keyword stuffing include:

• Unreadable content
• Diminishing traffic
• Decreased engagement among captured users
• Search engine penalties shuffling content further along results pages
• Wasted marketing capital
• Decreased ROI

Keeping Your Boat Afloat

The only way to maintain SERP results is to quit using the bucket of black-hat marketing to bail water out of your vessel, dive down, and patch the leak. The wind is blowing in your sails, but you’re bogged down by all that poorly-optimized marketing water. You need to sail the marketing seas, not get sucked down into their salty depths where other sunken startups lay incarcerated beneath the bankruptcy corral.

Full-Blown Optimization

Go beyond just content. Keyword optimize your websites, including titles and URLs if possible. IT marketing has many broad applications today. Did you know video SEO is becoming effective? Then there are content agencies which can take the stress away from those in your organization who can write optimized-content, but only because they are willing to try something new; not because they have professional acumen in its composition.

One final analogy: you can change the oil in your car by yourself; but it’s going to take you an hour or two, be a mess, and eat up your day. Or you could pay a guy at a shop twenty bucks to do the same. What’s your time’s worth? You have an opportunity cost sustained when you try to save money doing more than what is reasonable.

In contrast, MSP SEO Factory employs professionals who can help increase your ROI and maintain profitable business sailing by developing a solid IT marketing strategy for you. Don’t bail out your sinking SEO ship with buckets. Get an MSP SEO Factory patch today.

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