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IT services marketing | July 19, 2016

How Are Some IT Services Providers Marketing Like the Emperor With No Clothes?

Emperor with no clothesFind IT Services Marketing That’s Effective

IT services marketing requires a lot of effort to properly pull off. A syndicated article, or piece of content, is something pre-written for mass sale, usually based on subscription. For an “Auto Trader” magazine you might pick up for free at a rack in a gas station, syndicated articles are perfect. They allow substantive content to be added without hiring staff-writers, and at a monthly fee that’s usually quite affordable. But the modern age uses Craigslist more often than a physical magazine.

Today, most marketing is conducted over the Internet; meaning content-marketing has to follow trends as they develop. But syndicated content-producing agencies have a business stake to maintain, and will continue to sell their services despite said services only retaining value in the non-digital market. Why? Google ignores syndicated content. According to the Google website, it’s called “duplicated content”, and the goal of Google is to get its users to the source. Ergo, if you buy a syndicated article, it won’t drive any traffic to your site; all traffic will go to its original appearance on the web — likely the home company where it was created in the first place.

A Naked Emperor

In the famous “Emperor Has No Clothes” parable, it was for money that the wicked tailor deceived the ruler. It was for his own fame, and to the Emperor’s disgrace. Think of syndicated content providers like this tailor. They let on to provide IT marketing, but in reality they’re just weaving tales about invisible gossamer that any child can see is entirely fabricated. Meanwhile, they pick your pocketbook, and you get no Return On Investment. ROI is key in marketing, and for that in content-realms, you must have original content which is continuously updated and properly optimized for SEO purposes.

How SEO Services Increase ROI

The greater your investment’s return, the less it costs you to make. SEO which yields quantifiable return pays for itself. When you’re in the market for marketing of the digital variety, look for that which openly parades its numbers. A Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is going to have the most effect should it be the first SERP page which comes after a potential client does a search. 36.4% of all clicks are on the link at the top of the page, while the first three results account for 58.4% of all clicks. Using syndicated content won’t get your page or its contents ranked so high. Using vetted, quantifiable ROI services will.

The Advantage Of Originality

One IT services marketing trend that actually works is originality in content. Providing value to potential clients is more likely to increase readership. Content shouldn’t be canned and recycled; it should be original and thought-provoking. It should provide value to the reader in its information, its presentation, and its location. It’s not just about getting your content published on your site; the right company can help you get it featured elsewhere. One such group is MSP SEO Factory. We can help you with:

• Great Content
• SERP Optimization
• SEO Optimization
• Original, Value-Rich Content
• Implementation Consultation
• Keyword Optimization
• Promotion Through Multiple Social Media Outlets
• Guest Blogging Services


Effective IT services marketing requires value-added content that isn’t canned, is original, and has quantifiable research backing it up. If you want to know more about this topic or our services, you can start here: https://mspseofactory.com/. You can also call (210) 758-4971 to speak with our friendly staff.

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