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marketing IT services | February 17, 2016

What Are the Three Most Important Factors for Marketing IT Services Success?

fingerprintWe know that in the restaurant business, the three most important factors in opening a restaurant are location, location, and location. In the Internet marketing game, the most important factors for marketing IT services are original content, original content, and original content! In fact, articles and blog posts should be just as unique as one’s own fingerprint for three important reasons: good ranking by the search engines, to get a good number of readers and above all convert sales leads. An expansion of these important factors is needed to shed more light on the matter.

Ranking by search engines

When it comes to SEO, content marketers know that original content is king! Without proper SEO strategies, don’t expect any good ranking by any of the search engines available on the Internet today. So, what makes any content original?

First, you should understand that there are many writers out there that write about the same things as you, each and every day. This might worry you in that you think your content will not be unique as you would want it to be. In content marketing, there is no monopoly. Even in the news world, it is not necessary for every news station to be available on the scene to report on it. It is possible to source information from those that were present at the scene but report it in a unique perspective, that makes it highly relevant to those watching the news. It is the same when you are producing original content. Making your content as unique and relevant as possible is what makes search engines accept your content and rank it highly.

Duplicate content is content that has been used in other web pages. When you use such content, search engines will take it to be stolen content and will penalize you for it — resulting in a very low ranking. This is to make sure that readers are provided with content that is truly valuable to them. Simply put, using duplicate content is not good marketing IT services.

Getting a high number of readers

People always go online looking for information that will make them learn something new and help them solve their problems in the long run. After all, content is made for humans to read and search engines are only there to deliver it. Your stories or content should be compelling to read so that people will always come back for updates; you want to ensure that they find something worthy to read. The better your stories are, the higher the number of readers you will get. Some people are good at tactics that give their sites a high ranking, but without quality content, they would only get visitors who will eventually leave — never to come back again.

Convert sales lead

Sales leads are great in bringing new business, but the biggest challenge for many businesses is getting these sales leads. Using original content will give you a good ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) and a good number of readers. Having reached that point, everything is set; some of these readers will turn into prospects and some of these prospects will turn into buyers — who will then purchase your products and/or services. Having original, good and quality content always brings readers who will hang around when they are interested in the products or services that you offer. If they trust your content, they will trust your products too.

Marketing IT services providers should realize that original content is the key to a successful marketing strategy. Syndicated content will only leave you empty handed! Don’t hesitate to give MSP SEO Factory a call (210) 758-4971 if you have questions regarding this article or other marketing-related topics.

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