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marketing IT services | July 21, 2015

Make Sure to Write Enough Content When Marketing Your IT Services over the Internet

contentWhen you first start marketing your IT services on your website, it can be difficult getting potential leads to view your page. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a common and highly recommended process for improving the visibility of your site through your content, and it is very likely that your competitors market their services online using that method. It entails using specific keywords a number of times in an article to, in a sense, garner favor from search engines. This is a popular strategy, not to mention extremely effective, but it’s only half the secret; if you wrote SEO content for your website to begin with, and stopped entirely afterward, there is more you can do. The other half of the secret is that the more your business posts, the more views your site will get.

In order to get a good idea of what you need to accomplish weekly or monthly, make sure to research:


  • Take a look at popular blog sites. How often are they posting?
  • Poke around on social media. It is likely that popular figures are posting information often, especially on sites like Twitter.
  • Most importantly, keep an eye on your competitors. It may not be necessary to out-produce them, but don’t be left behind!

Another important note is that most of what is being said around the Internet is unoriginal; for you, it probably won’t take much to blow past your competitors if you just use a bit of creativity and a little elbow grease.

Now, before you go crazy posting several different articles each day, remember that what you want is people coming back. Your goal should be to create a site that people want to periodically return to as much as you want to top the first search page. This is the whole point of marketing IT services, and it entails a couple of things.

The first thing: keep an eye on what your competitors or similar bloggers are doing, and perhaps work at matching that pace. The more you blog, the faster you grow, even for bloggers, but you are a business; you most likely have other things you need to do. Besides, such a violent torrent of articles isn’t usually a sustainable speed, and you definitely do not want to burn out before your website has finished puberty. If you decide to outsource content writing, then you will be much more capable of high volume, though it is probably more economical to ration out the articles you receive for each day since freelancers can be a little iffy on deadlines.

The other point is a reminder of the second tenant of web content: quality. While you do want to increase your rankings, and SEO will help you do that regardless of article quality, no user will take your business seriously if you are posting low-quality articles with unreadable English and little to no useful information. The last thing you want to do is successfully attract leads, only to drive them away in droves because you posted a hundred unreadable articles on your site.

Marketing IT services online can be tough, especially for those new to the online marketing battlefield, so it’s recommended you find someone who can help. MSP SEO Factory is one such company which specializes in maximizing the potential of a website, so if you are looking to expand your horizons to the digital world, they are a good place to start. Call today to know about MSP SEO Factory’s process  of promoting your business, products and services.

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