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How Are Some IT Services Providers Marketing Like the Emperor With No Clothes?

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How Are Some IT Services Providers Marketing Like the Emperor With No Clothes?

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Emperor with no clothesFind IT Services Marketing That’s Effective

IT services marketing requires a lot of effort to properly pull off. A syndicated article, or piece of content, is something pre-written for mass sale, usually based on subscription. For an “Auto Trader” magazine you might pick up for free at a rack in a gas station, syndicated articles are perfect. They allow substantive content to be added without hiring staff-writers, and at a monthly fee that’s usually quite affordable. But the modern age uses Craigslist more often than a physical magazine.

Today, most marketing is conducted over the Internet; meaning content-marketing has to follow trends as they develop. But syndicated content-producing agencies have a business stake to maintain, and will continue to sell their services despite said services only retaining value in the non-digital market. Why? Google ignores syndicated content. According to the Google website, it’s called “duplicated content”, and the goal of Google is to get its users to the source. Ergo, if you buy a syndicated article, it won’t drive any traffic to your site; all traffic will go to its original appearance on the web — likely the home company where it was created in the first place. (more…)

IT Providers That Procrastinate Using Original Content Delay MSP Marketing Results

Friday, April 8th, 2016

11382023_sPicture yourself on the highway. Your hands are tight on the wheel, and you’re firm, determined, staring ahead and going as fast as you can. You know where you want to be. You have a vague sense of where you can find that place. But in focusing too much on where you want to be, you’re not paying enough attention to where you are, and in doing so you’re missing the highway exit that could’ve taken you exactly where you needed to be. What does that have to do with MSP marketing?

Everything, actually. Let’s get into it. (more…)

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