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Optimizing MSP Sales Protocols to Eliminate Behavior Clients Don’t Like

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Optimizing MSP Sales Protocols to Eliminate Behavior Clients Don’t Like

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

MSP sales will come up against issues that are hard to overcome and beyond your control. However, there are certain attitudes, habits, and strategies of your sellers which you can control and statistically increase your rate of conversion over time. 

The following are several things clients dislike that you should teach your sellers to carefully avoid: 


Cookie-Cutter Emails  

MSP sales strategies need to incorporate emails that are personalized based on prospect importance as well as category. You don’t want to send out a bunch of form emails that seem like— and in reality, are— spam. Look at your current outbound email marketing campaign and develop messages which resonate, but don’t replicate. 


Bad Follow-Ups from The Same Channel 

While it’s been observed that contacting leads a minimum of five times has a statistical track-record of effectiveness, if you do it in the same way through the exact same channel, that’s downright irritating. Call them. Send an email. Contact them via SMS on social media. Arrange a meeting at a conference. Send a care package. Contact prospects at least five times, but don’t do it the same way. Be unique, be creative, and do not be annoying.  


Treating Clients Like Friends Rather Than Partners 

Your clients know you’re not their friend and they’re not yours. If you’re always acting all “buddy-buddy”, that’s got a synthetic sleaze to it that isn’t likely to do you any favors in the long run. Instead, treat clients with deft professionalism. You call the shots in your domain and allow them to call the shots in theirs. Let them introduce you to management, don’t be demanding. Play it as professional as possible. Converted clients are partners, so treat them accordingly. 

MSP sales which strives to please clients and avoid all irritating activity is more likely to be successful in such endeavors. Consider your existing strategies and excise any of them which are obtrusive or annoying. 

Designing MSP Sales Strategy in Conformance with Customer Needs

Friday, June 8th, 2018

Knowing What Clients Want

Your MSP sales strategy will likely be more successful provided you design it around what your customers are looking for. The following are several strategies to help you do this:

  • Facilitate trust
  • Seek out executives
  • Diversify client contacts, coach sellers
  • Seek balance between metrics and relationships


MSP Sales Lessons from Red Sparrow: Prejudging Customers

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

MSP SaleMSP sales can be as exciting as a spy action movie. How? Just like in the spy movies such as the “Red Sparrow” where spy agents pretend to be people they are not to deceive their targets and deter suspicions from the public, MSP customers can appear poor or far from the ideal customer profile. The sales and marketing people tend to prejudge their prospects based on their looks, the car they drive, their office, the number of employees or the place where they come from. They snub their customers, or they change their presentations to better fit that prospect. Here is where they fail and lose what could have been a big sale.

So, what should your company learn from this? (more…)

Ensuring the Progression of MSP Sales Yields Success

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

MSP SalesSeven Points of Contact between Prospect and Conversion

MSP sales usually take a little bit longer than other sales cycles. This is because when a client goes with an MSP, barring any abstruse difficulty, they’re likely to stay with that MSP. So they commonly search long and hard, weighing options carefully and hunting for the best possible deal. But as you know, sometimes the least expensive option isn’t the best option for a client, just like the cheapest car you can find may not actually yield benefit by the time the smoke clears. So, you want to add value and demonstrate it to clients in order that their expense feels fully justified. To that end, you want to contact your prospective client on a regular basis between the time you are introduced and when they (hopefully) become your customer. It’s going to look something like this: (more…)

Is Your MSP Marketing Salesman a Cowardly Lion?

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

If you’re over the age of 30, you likely remember seeing the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz. The cowardly lion was big and strong, yet he lacked one key element for success: courage. The cowardly lion doubted his thoughts and feelings to the point that he was rendered nearly lifeless. Does this sound like your MSP marketing team? It’s a common description of salespeople who find it difficult to close.


Why Telemarketing Is Broken: MSP Sales Representatives Hate Making Cold Calls!

Saturday, December 31st, 2016

Telephone frozen in a block of iceIn this article, we’ll be discussing why cold calling in MSP sales doesn’t work out the way you might want it to. We’ll walk you through the perspective on the issue from both sides of the coin, after which you can come to us for help or do what you like.

Cold Calling from the Customer’s Perspective

Think about cold calling from a consumer perspective. You’re having a normal day, going about your business; maybe you’re really busy or waiting to get a call back from someone you gave your number earlier in the day. Your phone rings and you pick it up quickly… only to discover that the person on the other end is trying to get money off of you. Any potential rush of happiness or excitement quickly dissipates and chances are you’re left annoyed or outright angry as a result— this is how most consumers tend to feel about cold calling. (more…)

The Founder and MSP Sales Director Make the First Time Jump During Attack!

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Time machine data tunnelConsequences of Time Travel

“I haven’t had a laugh like that in all the years I’ve been in MSP sales, David!”

“But boss, you went back in time— doesn’t that mean Erdy Michaels hasn’t ransacked your office? Also, I can’t believe all you had to do was pick up the hourglass and talk to it to time travel. Don’t know why I didn’t try that two years ago, before I started eating protein spheres I found in one of the see-through cabinets.” (more…)

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