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The MSP Business Marketing Man Who Was Split In Two

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

MSP BusinessThe Plight of David Jobs

The corridors of the timescape were see-through, but made a boxy, industrial building— albeit invisible. David Jobs had a background in MSP business marketing. He wasn’t savvy with physics of the molecular or temporal variety. When he found the only mirror in the place, and saw himself for the first time, he thought it was a ghost or someone else entirely. But then the figure through the looking glass matched his motions, and he knew it was only his reflection. When David went to touch the glass, his reflection did the same. (more…)

Do You Have a Clear Mission Statement for Your MSP Business?

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

MSp BusinessManaged service providers continue to grow in popularity in the information technology space. Businesses are realizing that there’s a lot of value in hiring an MSP business to handle their IT infrastructure. The trick for a managed service provider, though, is stand out in the crowded market. You want to be able to get noticed so that when a business goes looking for their next provider, they’ll want to choose you and they’ll have clearly defined reasons why. To sell yourself as a real, trustworthy managed service provider, you need to have your overall strategy set, and it all begins with your mission statement. (more…)

When You’re Promoting Your MSP Business, What Are Some Things You Can Add on to Help You Shine?

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

MSP BusinessConference Protocol

Your MSP business stands to benefit from attending tech conferences. If you haven’t climbed aboard this industry vehicle, you should. When you decide to take this approach, there are several things you should be sure your MSP does. They include: (more…)

Place a Spotlight on Security Breaches in 2017 for Your MSP Business

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

MSP BusinessSecurity: Integral for Home and Business

You must protect your MSP business against hacking, but it’s getting to the point where you can’t stop there. Did you know more than 97% of hacking threats are basically unique to the endpoints affected by them? What this means is that specific catch-all solutions of yesteryear won’t be effective anymore. At least, not as effective. This is just one of many reasons it’s integral that you emphasize security for operations, especially in the wake of new technology.

The Polymorphic Angle

Here’s how modern hack attacks are put together. Usually, there’s some baseline Trojan accessible through the dark web like Flokibot. Flokibot can be thought of as kind of a Microsoft Word for viruses. Just like you can design a unique document through Word, through Flokibot, you can design a unique hacking Trojan that can be continuously tweaked so you can keep attacking the same target even after defenses have been put in place against previous methods of intrusion. Through platforms like this, cybercrime has become an industry worth about half a trillion or more, annually. See, the viruses are always different, even though they’re the same. It’s like K-Mart, Walmart, and Target. All three are essentially the same store… but different. Or put it another way: it’s like Avon, Amway, and Mary Kay. The same, but different. This is how modern hacking works— it’s polymorphic.

Technology at Risk

The Old West had legal vulnerabilities because federal government couldn’t legislate in that area, as well as it could in more civilized quotients of early America. There wasn’t law, there wasn’t regulation— there was wildness. Modern technology is that way until it’s been around long enough to become normalized. The thing is, your MSP business has to incorporate cutting-edge tech to remain competitive in many situations. As a result, you’re giving yourself increased vulnerabilities that can’t really be fully avoided.

Increased Ransoms

Before, you could expect ransoms around $300. But the economy has taken a dive, and hackers have become both more greedy and better armed. Expect to lose thousands if you get locked out through some pernicious ransomware attack today. And what’s worse: with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions on the market, such tech has a much higher likelihood of infecting your home devices. Consider this: you’re done working and you come home, only to find the IoT-connected smart lock on your house has been compromised. Or what if your office’s thermostat were dialed up to 98 degrees Fahrenheit? It would be expensive and uncomfortable. In order to get past these things, you need data that’s continuously backed up so you can just dump the negative viral malware and begin anew.

Identifying Weak Areas

When you’re structuring your operations to incorporate new technology as necessary, common things to be wary of include:

• Polymorphic End-User Attacks
• New Technological Vulnerabilities
• BYOD Compromise
• Insufficient BDR

Your MSP business needs to have solutions for these situations, and simultaneously help educate potential clients about the hazards which the market has inhering to it today.

Our Contributor

MSP BusinessNuresh Momin is the co-founder of HoustonTech, a company providing Managed IT Services in Houston. They specialize in IT support for Houston small and medium-sized businesses, and since 2009, they’ve been helping clients improve their businesses with quality solutions, such as IT consulting, backup and data recovery, cloud services, computer repair and IT services in the Houston area.
From a very young age, Nuresh liked to tinker with gadgets. He made his passion into career. He has more than 10 years of experience working in Information Technology. His role and expertise include, but not limited to, IT management, support and consulting. He works with clients ranging from CPAs and Law Firms.

Multiply BDR for Your MSP Business with Comprehensive Bundled Services!

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

MSP BusinessA Growth Industry

Your MSP business needs to remain continuously relevant. Technology continues to develop, and part of remaining profitable when your operation’s core provision hails from tech sector climates is ensuring you offer the best solutions on the market. You’ve got to identify trends and get ahead of them. That means keeping an ear to the ground, as it were, for actionable steps this direction. If you’ve been diligent about this, you’ve likely noticed the boom from the BDR sector. (more…)

Does Your MSP Business Match Your Target Keywords?

Monday, April 24th, 2017

MSP BusinessAny savvy MSP business owner knows the power of SEO and the value of keywords and key phrases in their marketing. However, they often choose keywords that don’t help them reach their marketing goals and choose broad terms that are unattainable instead. For example, many MSPs located in small suburbs try to target the large nearby cities by using the city name in their marketing. Unfortunately, Google notices that their address doesn’t match the city they are targeting, which undermines their results. Those companies that are actually located in the city will always rank higher with less effort. (more…)

Boost Your MSP Business’ Marketing Campaign by Implementing Security Services in Your Bundles!

Monday, April 17th, 2017

MSP BusinessWhistle Hackers

Your MSP business will be most secure should it employ the latest technology available on the market. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t enough. If you have a field that’s producing a good harvest and is parasite-free, will neglecting that field ensure it remains able to produce a good harvest bereft of parasites? No. Over time, neglect will transform stasis into degradation. Even when it comes to the least technological application of society you can think of, stagnant operation breeds decline. This is because entropy currently dictates reality— but then, so does change. (more…)

Is Your MSP Business Proactively Committed to Raising Your Managed Services Margins?

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

MSP BusinessYou May Feel You’re Running in Place, But You’re Not

An MSP business often feels that once they’ve hit a certain point, it’s time to relax. Many who own such operations will set themselves a monthly income goal, and suppose once they’ve achieved that goal, they can just “cruise.” Perhaps that goal’s a certain amount of income or a certain number of clients. Owners feel they’ve been running long enough, and once they reach their goals, they’re just running in place. (more…)

If Your MSP Business Has Difficulty Hiring Techs, It Could Be Because of Your Total Hiring Package!

Saturday, April 8th, 2017

MSP BusinessThe typical MSP business finds it awfully difficult to hire technicians. Part of the challenge is that technicians desire a complete package of salary, benefits and then some. Yet few companies are willing to offer such a level of compensation to a candidate who has not actually done anything for the business at this point in time. The truth is that most qualified techs won’t even consider an offer unless it is similar to one already on the table. It doesn’t matter if your company is rapidly growing, if you have the swankiest office in town or a laid-back work environment. In the end, salary and benefits almost always matter the most. (more…)

MSP Business Cloud Deniers Are Being Chased by the Crocodile from Neverland!

Friday, April 7th, 2017

MSP BusinessDenying the Cloud Makes You Lizard Bait

MSP business solutions that don’t acknowledge technological advancement are like a mangled limb in a dirty swamp. When you’ve got an injury in waters infested with predators, your danger becomes even greater. A predator like a shark or a crocodile is drawn to blood. If you don’t fix that injury, get out of the water. Now, imagine that crocodile has a clock ticking and you’re stuck in the water as the ticks grow louder. You’re Captain Hook, and here comes death. That’s what J.M. Barrie’s crocodile in the Peter Pan story is somewhat representative of: the steady march of oncoming death. That fictional crocodile is like the metal grim reaper of James Cameron’s Terminator franchise. (more…)

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