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The MSP Marketing Duo Learn to Operate Their Worm Hole in a Box!

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The MSP Marketing Duo Learn to Operate Their Worm Hole in a Box!

Friday, December 30th, 2016

Hands and clocks in skyWormhole in a Box

This time, when all matter and reality conformed itself to a roiling corridor of insanity, Steve and Johannes were ready. Merlin’s visage percolated through the craziness, “You have autonomy to travel through time and space at will! My machine is a stolen wormhole contained in a trans-dimensional box shaped like the hourglass in your hand; merely think, and you will be where you desire!” (more…)

This IT Lead Generation Team Lose Their Time Travel Device in Strange Land!

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

Sunrise in desertSteve’s Strange Perils

Steve’s background in IT lead generation had classical roots, but they weren’t of the time-travel variety. When Erdy Michaels’ goon tackled him, all he could think was that he’d never own his own IT company. Then they finished their transition through time, and suddenly everything was wet, and the goon went limp. They’d landed in a pond, and the goon had smacked his head on a rock near the shore. (more…)

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