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MSP Marketing | April 21, 2017

Don’t Roll the MSP Marketing Dice with Pay-Per-Click!

MSP MarketingMany business owners are tempted to sink a large percentage of their MSP marketing dollars in pay-per-click-campaigns. They hear the rags to riches stories of other IT providers who have struck gold with a robust pay-per-click strategy and they want these results for themselves. However, for every story of pay-per-click mega success, there are hundreds of other stories of businesses that have wasted valuable resources on a campaign that never panned out. Read the rest here »

MSP Blogs | April 20, 2017

What’s the True Value of Syndicated MSP Blogs?

MSP BlogsLimited Value

It’s not that your MSP blogs will see no views whatsoever if you use syndicated options. The difficulty is that unless those syndicated blogs are “original” material, they aren’t going to be as effective as continuously created content.

Most IT companies will be using syndicated blogs that have been duplicated. This means when someone does a search for your organization, blogs on the same topic and used by other businesses will likewise appear in the search engine results pages, meaning the chances a client will click on your site decrease. Especially when MSPs are using such syndicated blogs solely, you’ll find that they don’t have near the effect a concerted content campaign using originally-sourced MSP blogs does.

Where syndicated blogs can have some value is through a marketing strategy that has been comprehensively designed beforehand. These keep the presence of an established organization in the mind’s eye of that public to whom such services are being marketed.

Original Content

The thing is, it’s nigh-impossible to find syndicated blogs that aren’t reused elsewhere. Even if you can plug in keywords pertaining to a specific company, the surrounding content remains the same. A client searching for your services may find the exact same blog in different locations, that aren’t sourced by the same business; then the game’s up.

Ultimately, you want to have blogs which are originally designed and feature regular new installments. If those blogs are created at an agency that has made it their bread-and-butter to design content specifically for tech clients, you’ve got an even more substantial edge. Furthermore, such agencies specialize in collection of pertinent statistics. This means they can identify that which is effective and focus on such activities against that which is ineffectual.

The Process

SEO marketeers who design blogs as the core of their professional service use established processes known to be effective. They’ll usually have an angle of approach that includes steps like:

• Brainstorming
• Content Creation
• Review
• SEO Optimization
• Publication
• Publicity
• Guest Blogging

Such blog creation looks like this: a given agency will put together a campaign with the client, then create content for that campaign, review it with the client, and optimize such writings so that they are most likely to be actionable in an SEO sense. Once SEO has been verified, the blogs are published and publicized. From there, you’ve got guest blogs. If you’re unfamiliar with it, a guest blog is posted on a website with an in-built audience. That audience reads and advances actionable blogs with useful content naturally.

An SEO organization that works with multiple clients collects a vast bevy of guest blogs where content can be published such that it has a real impact, and can truly help spread the word on a given company’s products or services. A syndicated blog can’t really do that, because guest blogs can see when a blog has been repeated, and are very unlikely to repeatedly publish the same content. That’s bad for their existing readership.

Finding Professional Content Suppliers

MSP blogs through MSP SEO Factory uses a process of content creation and distribution that has been vetted over many years, and includes guest blogs with large in-built audiences. We can help you increase your scope and influence substantively. Contact us for SEO marketing solutions you can rely on.

IT Marketing | April 19, 2017

Being a Real-World Authority Can Boost Your IT Marketing!

IT MarketingThe Continuing War Against “The Little Guy”

IT marketing through online content solutions gives small business the ability to compete with big-ticket enterprises, but those enterprises are trying to take back the market.

This war’s waged for decades, and with the Internet, it’s been kicked into high gear. Originally, the advent of the Internet was seen as a positive for smaller businesses. Many hailed it as the great equalizer. The reason is that a small business and a large business could both get a website, and if both sites were properly designed, the potential client couldn’t tell the difference. Read the rest here »

MSP Blogs | April 18, 2017

Here’s a List of MSP Blogs We Recommend for 2017!

MSP BlogsOne of the best ways to keep up with the latest news on the managed services industry is to read MSP blogs by thought leaders. It can even give your ideas on crafting your own blog. Here’s a list of carefully screened blogs that can help expand your business technology and marketing knowledge in 2017: Read the rest here »

MSP Business | April 17, 2017

Boost Your MSP Business’ Marketing Campaign by Implementing Security Services in Your Bundles!

MSP BusinessWhistle Hackers

Your MSP business will be most secure should it employ the latest technology available on the market. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t enough. If you have a field that’s producing a good harvest and is parasite-free, will neglecting that field ensure it remains able to produce a good harvest bereft of parasites? No. Over time, neglect will transform stasis into degradation. Even when it comes to the least technological application of society you can think of, stagnant operation breeds decline. This is because entropy currently dictates reality— but then, so does change. Read the rest here »

MSP Marketing | April 14, 2017

Is Your MSP Marketing Campaign Properly Implementing Technology to Effectively Encrypt Customers’ Data?

MSP MarketingEmphasize Actionable Services

MSP marketing will have a directive geared at making every available service visible to potential clients. But there are going to be some services which clients are more interested in obtaining than others. As an example, backup and data recovery are services that all clients are going to need, and so look for as they go about sourcing an MSP. Naturally, they’ll tend to gravitate toward that which is most secure, effective, and all-encompassing. Read the rest here »

IT Marketing | April 13, 2017

What Are the Key Factors to Ensuring Your IT Marketing Is Executed the Best Way?

IT marketingThe Value of User Education

IT marketing shunning user education is less successful than that including this necessary feature of the tech world. There are several levels of education which are necessary for the most successful outreach programs. Proper user education will turn concern into action, and involves training at the board level, the C-level, and for all employees. Read the rest here »

MSP Marketing | April 12, 2017

Cancel Your Next Hardware Refresh by Doing an MSP Marketing Plan Swap!

MSP marketingSoaring Through the Cloud

MSP marketing has been encouraging the cloud computing switch for some time, and there are many reasons for this. Benefits of cloud computing include:

• Operational cost reduction
• Developmental expansion
• Infrastructural cost reduction
• Organizational efficiency facilitation
• Greater ROI on tech
• Competitive advantage Read the rest here »

MSP Business | April 11, 2017

Is Your MSP Business Proactively Committed to Raising Your Managed Services Margins?

MSP BusinessYou May Feel You’re Running in Place, But You’re Not

An MSP business often feels that once they’ve hit a certain point, it’s time to relax. Many who own such operations will set themselves a monthly income goal, and suppose once they’ve achieved that goal, they can just “cruise.” Perhaps that goal’s a certain amount of income or a certain number of clients. Owners feel they’ve been running long enough, and once they reach their goals, they’re just running in place. Read the rest here »

IT services marketing | April 10, 2017

We Have Unlimited IT Services Marketing Power to Create Original Content!

IT services marketingCreativity Unabridged

IT services marketing has to be constantly fresh, but it also has to tap familiar concepts known broadly. The more people can be related to, the more meaningful the marketing endeavor. The best marketing agencies want to think outside the box. To foster their creativity, they’ll look to diverse areas for inspiration. When you’re able to tap into every facet of modern society for marketing inspiration, the world is your oyster. You’re like Emperor Palpatine of Star Wars, piloting around the marketing universe with your own Death Star and destroying the competition. Remember, Palpatine and Vader tried to lure Luke Skywalker to the dark side, tempting him by intimating its powers were essentially infinite. “You don’t know the power… of the dark side of the force,” Vader enigmatically says at one point. Then Palpatine’s got to show him up with lightning fingers. Read the rest here »

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