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IT services marketing | June 23, 2017

How to Improve IT Services Marketing with 3 Easy Steps

IT services marketingIT services marketing companies continually look for new ways to reach customers, and an effective lead nurturing strategy can enable your business to reach new heights. Lead nurturing is simply developing relationships with buyers through each sales stage. Recent research has shown that marketers typically see a 20% increase in sales opportunities with a lead nurturing strategy. Studies have also shown that companies that excel at lead nurturing create 50% more sales while also reducing costs by 33%. Here are three simple ways that your business can use lead nurturing to reach a wider customer base: Read the rest here »

MSP Business | June 22, 2017

Your MSP Business Needs to Learn the Secret of Trial Closing

MSP BusinessWhat is a Trial Close?

An MSP business is regularly in situations where salespeople must define what operations are, their advantages, and what that means to a potential client. This is a perfect scenario for the trial close, which acts as a sort of mentally conditioning catalyst for getting potential clients subconsciously aligned with your business. Read the rest here »

IT Marketing | June 21, 2017

IT Marketing Advice: You Should Have a Set-Up Fee on Your IT Agreements!

IT MarketingThe Setup Fee Key

IT marketing needs to be employed when it comes to the onboarding of clients. The primary reason is what’s called a “client intake process” or “client intake protocol.” Think of it like a four-dimensional template. It’s a projection of the necessary steps a client must take over time to be on-boarded with your MSP.

The way you construct this protocol can simultaneously offset operational costs while providing you with bargaining points. Marketing people in both sales and outreach should be aware of several strategies which can be derived from “onboarding discounts.”

Basically, there are going to be aspects of setup which your company can absorb in order to secure a client. For the most part, you won’t get kickback on these things, so you’ll see revenue for them which curtail operational costs. But when you do, it’s no big deal because you’re already getting other clients to pay as is necessary. It just means you’ve got something which will make a client feel like you’re willing to work with them directly and that you’re reasonable as pertains to expenses. Read the rest here »

MSP Marketing | June 20, 2017

Bringing Business Intelligence to Your MSP Marketing

MSP MarketingWhen it comes to MSP marketing, you’re going to have a longer sales “cycle.” This means there will be greater periods which are empty of new clients and can be stressful for an MSP. You know that you can’t depend on any single client entirely. You’re going to have some fall through from things like bankruptcy, some will have legal issues, some businesses will be sold and change their data arrangement— the list of things which could undermine your relationship to a client are practically endless.

So an MSP must be sure to continuously acquire clients. One of the best ways to do that is through solid Business Intelligence or BI. You’ve heard of the CIA, right? Well, think of BI as the corporate echelon of such a group, except dealing with other companies rather than other countries. You need to have data on the customers that your organization caters to directly. You need to have information on what you’re competition is doing and how you can afford to outsell them. Read the rest here »

IT services marketing | June 19, 2017

3 Essential IT Services Marketing Tips

IT Services MarketingTechnology is continually growing and managed service providers are always looking for new ways that an IT services marketing campaign can increase their profits and customer base. A managed services provider can help build their company with the use of landing pages, calls to action, and the use of forms. Using these three essential marketing tools will enable your business to become more successful and reach a higher number of customers. Let’s delve further into these three key topics that can provide a significant boost to the marketability of your MSP: Read the rest here »

MSP Marketing | June 16, 2017

MSP Marketing: Understanding the Distinction Between Sales and Marketing

MSP marketingIf you are planning on transforming your business through MSP marketing, you must first understand the difference between marketing and sales. This is an important element which should be taken into account in commercial operations because the results achieved by these two techniques are quite different. In general, both sales and marketing are aimed at increasing the company profits. However, if you assume that they are the same, the potential benefits of these strategies will decline. Consider this discussion on the distinction between marketing and sales in MSP businesses. Read the rest here »

IT Marketing | June 14, 2017

Learn Why You Should Go All-In With Your IT Marketing Campaigns!

All Guns Blazing

IT marketingIT marketing needs to take no prisoners or that which seemed sure may slip away. Say you’ve put together a marketing campaign, courted a client, and somehow, they’ve still slipped right through your fingers. Everyone’s been there and it’s ultimately unavoidable, but there is also a learning curve. Read the rest here »

MSP Marketing | June 13, 2017

Do You Both Love and Excel at All Your MSP Marketing Responsibilities?

MSP MarketingDon’t Kick Against the Goads

MSP marketing for your business should emphasize services that your operation excels at and is passionate about. Services that have neither of these qualities would serve your MSP poorly if they were marketed. Should they have any traction, clients will find themselves displeased with results and not look into other, more effective things your business offers. Read the rest here »

MSP Marketing | June 12, 2017

To Win, You Should Raise the Ante on MSP Marketing Campaigns Until Competitors Fold!

MSP MarketingYou Must Know When to Hold and When to Fold

MSP marketing is going to be expensive and what should help you gauge your spending is effectiveness. You’re trying to source the most for the least, and sometimes, that doesn’t mean what it may seem.

When playing poker, a certain amount of money is put on the table as rounds of betting make their circuits. The man who wins usually keeps adding money to the pot until his competitors fold. Certainly, there are situations where other players won’t fold based on your increasing bet, but for the most part, people are “playing their hands close to their chests,” as the saying goes. Read the rest here »

MSP Blogs | June 9, 2017

When Getting MSP Blogs Top Ranked in Different Markets, We All Breathe the Same Air!

MSP BlogsDon’t Nuke Your Marketing Strategy!

MSP blogs can help expand client bases cost-effectively, but it does take a little time. Think of it as the difference between a microwave and a conventional oven. Microwaves use radiation to vibrate liquid molecules, producing heat. This gets things cooked much more expediently, but also disseminates radiation throughout your house and food. Basically, you’re radiating what you put in your body. Granted, there’s little definitive proof that microwaves aren’t healthy— or is there? Carcinogens becoming present in food definitely seem to be evidence of a negative trend. Meanwhile, if you just heat things up on a stove, you get the same hot meal but without the dangers. Read the rest here »

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