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MSP Marketing | August 15, 2017

Using Blogs to Solidify Your MSP Marketing Strategy

MSP MarketingYou’re Going to See More Leads

MSP marketing which incorporates properly designed blogs is going to generate more leads, pure and simple. Statistics indicate that companies that use blogging correctly are apt to generate 67% more leads than businesses that don’t.

Why? Consider this: one pixel isn’t much. But a thousand pixels can give you a detailed image. Well, what you want to do with blogs is write around 50 a month— that translates to about 600 a year. Six hundred blogs that have 500 words each would make a book over a thousand pages in length— that’s a pretty detailed picture, isn’t it? Now, imagine whenever a potential client Googles something which pertains to your industry, one of your blogs pop up.

In the end, you’ve got a formula for effective marketing. More customers are reached, the word is spread better, your company becomes more visible as will whatever images characterize your brand, and you have the ability to target a global audience. Loyalty can be established in a potential customer before they even decide to adopt your services— they may get used to reading your content, coming to trust you as a tech provider.

Considerable Marketing Parameters

To get your blog running, you’ll want to employ strategic MSP marketing parameters well-known by professional purveyors of content. These include:

• Consistency
• SEO optimization
• Being an authority
• Understanding readers
• Professional personality
• Content with true value
• Long-term considerations
• The encouragement of sharing
• Planning your blog from the beginning
• Not forgetting the value of guest blogging
• Being sure to have some aspect of sales involved
• Demonstrating positive aspects of adopting your services
• Developing a corporate culture designed around blogging

Your blog must consistently have new posts. One or two a day is fine. You can write a batch of 15 or 20 a week if you like— outsourcing to an agency can be a wise choice here.

The content you produce should be optimized for search engines. That’s search engine optimization or SEO. But it’s not enough to have regular, SEO-optimized content. You need to be an authority on that about which you write. And at the same time, you need to know your readership enough to be interesting, and engaging. Your writing should have personality, but remain professional. When you’re doing these things authoritatively, it should create value.

This kind of thing must be sustainable in the long-term and part of that means continuous circulation. So, you want to encourage readers to share your blog. Guest blogging is definitely important, as it more broadly distributes your message. You want every blog to promote a sale, but you can’t beat people over the head. Rather, let the positive aspects of your services recommend themselves to clients, then give them the CTA (call to action) data for a decision. Doing all this will require a corporate culture that considers blogging centrally, so start your blogging campaign with this in mind.

About our Contributor

MSP MarketingRobert Naragon is the Founder and President of ITQue, Inc. (pronounced “i-teek”), an Managed IT Services based in San Jose and Campbell that provides IT Support in San Jose. ITQue provides a wide range to IT services to San Jose based companies. And ITQue provides managed services to help San Jose small and mid-sized businesses increase productivity and profitability with customized, flexible hybrid cloud and IT outsourcing solutions is San Jose. Prior to ITQue, he was the Founder and President of VistanetIT, Inc., also based in Campbell, a IT Outsourcing Provider to small and medium-sized businesses in San Jose.

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