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MSP Marketing | August 11, 2017

Can MSPs Learn a Reverse Marketing trick from Ozark!

Reverse SellingIn the Netflix series Ozark Marty, and investment broker, is halfheartedly trying to close a prospect. Of course, they aren’t that impressed so they say they’re going to keep looking around. Until Marty’s partner interrupts the meeting by asking if the prospects were told the firm wasn’t accepting new clients? However, when the smoke from Bruce’s magical close clears, the prospects have invested ten thousand dollars. Wouldn’t it be great if MSPs could learn this reverse marketing trick?


Stop Begging

One of the first concepts that must be learned so that an MSP business can begin to master reverse selling is to stop begging. Of course, most IT sales people would object and say that don’t beg anywhere in their MSP marketing process. However, once you have essentially explained your services and the value any talk beyond this becomes begging in the reverse selling process. Once you have made a movement toward the prospect they will react by withdrawing and taking an indecisive posture. In this situation, the last thing you want to do is to continue to advance the sale since this will usually case a prospect to continue to withdraw even more.

Turn the Table

In the Ozark scene Bruce turns the table by telling the prospect NO; because they had come to their office. Of course, this tacit won’t work with in the normal MSP marketing process as the IT salesman will usually find themselves sitting at their prospects office. You can’t stand up in the middle of a meeting and say that you’re not accepting clients because that would make you look foolish.
However, you can abruptly end a sales meeting at the key moment when the prospect begins to naturally withdraw and take their opposition posture. This is when they expect an IT company to start pushing to close the deal but instead you should do the opposite and abruptly end the meeting. This method can also be used to overcome a stubborn prospect that should close; but just keeps raising a ridiculous objection.

Here is a clip from the TV series Madmen where Don Draper employs this exact strategy:

Watch the reverse selling Madmen clip –>

The Challenge

The idea of reverse selling probably runs counter to everything the average MSP has every learned about marketing. However, you only must watch the scene in Ozark where Bruce gets a skeptical investor to hand over their cash and you should become a believer. Throw out everything you have learned and start down the path to mastering reverse selling. I challenge you to set a goal to implement the stand up and abruptly leave (slowly) maneuver on your next sales call!

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