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MSP Marketing | April 14, 2017

Is Your MSP Marketing Campaign Properly Implementing Technology to Effectively Encrypt Customers’ Data?

MSP MarketingEmphasize Actionable Services

MSP marketing will have a directive geared at making every available service visible to potential clients. But there are going to be some services which clients are more interested in obtaining than others. As an example, backup and data recovery are services that all clients are going to need, and so look for as they go about sourcing an MSP. Naturally, they’ll tend to gravitate toward that which is most secure, effective, and all-encompassing.

Cybercrime has become so substantially relevant that it has come to be termed by some in the tech world as CaaS or Cybercrime as a Service. This makes sense— internationally, it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry. Just as your MSP provides tech solutions for legitimate clients, those specializing in cybercrime offer solutions designed to break through traditional firewalls and other protections.

More Than Just Backup

For this reason, many clients in today’s world aren’t just looking for some form of backup and data recovery in the event of a disaster or human error. Understanding the criminal element involved with information tech today, they’re also looking for options that properly encrypt files.

Encryption certainly can’t stop all hackers, but good encryption will stop a sizable percentage. Cybercrime is evil, but most cyber criminals are opportunists. They’re not going to spend hours or days breaking an encryption unless they believe the information a business has is worth that time investment. Your MSP marketing campaign will benefit from demonstrating that your services offer top-tier encryption designed to rebuff the majority of even the most concerted attacks.

CaaS firms run by a Russian or Chinese mafia group are going to move from small businesses to large businesses probing for weaknesses and trying to exploit them. They’re not going to spend too much time probing unless they’ve deliberately got it in for you, so a very qualitative encryption will necessarily rebuff the primacy of hack attacks, ensuring information security.

Anything Can Be Hacked

Even Fort Knox isn’t invincible. There’s a reason so many pop culture references use this as a setting for some substantial break-in or other. Fort Knox is so secure it’s a euphemism for security, but nothing is entirely secure. That said, your encryption can be very near such security, especially if it’s strategically applied. Clients who understand this are more likely to choose your services over competition that doesn’t emphasize their facility with regards to encryption.

Collateral Advantages

There’s an additional marketing benefit here as well. Certainly, not all MSP marketing businesses have to deal with a concerted hacking attack, but many will. And since hackers naturally probe for weakness, those businesses without protection are more at risk of such attack. So, when you point this out, you can end by indicating encryption protects against this trend, and then point out your services have been specifically designed to ensure security.


Demonstrating the effectiveness of your encryption techniques has a number of advantages, to recap:

• It makes clients aware of unconsidered tech dangers
• It defines your company as a secure choice
• It protects client data, ensuring a positive relationship with you

About the Author

MSP MarketingNuresh Momin is the co-founder of HoustonTech, a company providing Managed IT Services in Houston. They specialize in IT support for Houston small and medium-sized businesses, and since 2009, they’ve been helping clients improve their businesses with quality solutions, such as IT consulting, backup and data recovery, cloud services, computer repair and IT services in the Houston area.
From a very young age, Nuresh liked to tinker with gadgets. He made his passion into career. He has more than 10 years of experience working in Information Technology. His role and expertise include, but not limited to, IT management, support and consulting. He works with clients ranging from CPAs and

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