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IT Marketing | April 13, 2017

What Are the Key Factors to Ensuring Your IT Marketing Is Executed the Best Way?

IT marketingThe Value of User Education

IT marketing shunning user education is less successful than that including this necessary feature of the tech world. There are several levels of education which are necessary for the most successful outreach programs. Proper user education will turn concern into action, and involves training at the board level, the C-level, and for all employees.

Technology Isn’t Static

As technology develops, the way we use it and interact with it also changes. Just consider the difference between the mouse and the touch-pad which came with laptops. Now consider the difference between a touch pad and a smartphone, and a smartphone as considered against an iPad or other tablet device.

Certainly, “smart” technology with access to the Internet is similar, but the interface will differ. For example, while it’s entirely possible to use the word processing features of MS Word on a smartphone, to do so requires using a keyboard and a stand, and interfacing with an extremely small screen. It’s a big hassle, and not many do it. As a matter of fact, doing so almost has a “steampunk” appearance. Trying to do that with a tablet is a little bit more realistic, but for the moment, if you want to use MS Word, you may want to stick with a traditional keyboard and laptop— it’s more efficient.

Some Surprising Developments

That said, there are laser keyboards available now which project a keyboard on certain surfaces, making it possible to “type” without anything additionally mechanical beyond the hardware involved in the projector and the software it interacts with.

All that to say this: as new technology options become available, training is required from an IT marketing standpoint both to help those new to the tech understand how to use it, and to assist them in understanding how to sell it. When it comes to cloud computing solutions, you’re definitely going to need some acumen in the software interaction and application which comes with such an upgrade.

Those who don’t have the education to make use of these options won’t make a very good impression on potential clients no matter how good the marketing outreach is. Sales is certainly about “selling yourself,” but there’s a point where the “rubber meets the road,” as the saying goes, and you’re going to have to show clients how and why solutions like the cloud are worthy of their investment.

Organic Application

As a recap, to ensure your marketing team best represents new technology solutions, consider the following:

• Training personnel at all levels throughout your MSP
• Remaining abreast of technological innovations
• Communicating advantages to potential clients

When your MSP has trained everyone in the usage and deployment of new tech, they’ll be able to help clients see potential value in any situation where such interactions occur. For such training to be effective, all employees will need to remain as aware of new tech innovations as possible.

This can be difficult without a proactive approach, so it makes sense to encourage a culture of technology awareness among your staff in order that such understanding is, at least partially, derived in a “natural” or “organic” way.

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