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MSP Marketing | April 21, 2017

Don’t Roll the MSP Marketing Dice with Pay-Per-Click!

MSP MarketingMany business owners are tempted to sink a large percentage of their MSP marketing dollars in pay-per-click-campaigns. They hear the rags to riches stories of other IT providers who have struck gold with a robust pay-per-click strategy and they want these results for themselves. However, for every story of pay-per-click mega success, there are hundreds of other stories of businesses that have wasted valuable resources on a campaign that never panned out.

Potential MSP customers, in this day and age, are savvy. They’re likely to heavily research topics and options before they even consider buying. This, and many other reasons are why smart MSP owners focus more on providing helpful information and less on the magic bullet of pay-per-click. Here’s why your MSP marketing efforts should be put into thought leadership:

Most Searchers Are Not Ready to Buy

Buying MSP services isn’t the same as buying a pair of shoes. Business owners or managers who consider working with an MSP company are going to do hours of research on what they need and the best companies out there that can provide it. This means that they’re looking for helpful and engaging content, not an ad that tells them to ‘buy now!’ When they’re finally ready to pull the trigger and contact an MSP company for services, they’ll likely bypass the ads in favor of the companies that have educated them during their fact-finding process.

You Need to Focus on Helpful Content

Many marketers fear that if they give out too much information, potential clients will not need their services. However, the opposite is usually true. Those MSPs who consistently publish useful articles that help business owners be more tech-savvy become known as experts in their field. Though they may reveal some trade secrets, it’s rarely in-depth enough for others to replicate.

When you educate potential clients, you build loyalty. Through a steady stream of helpful blogs, videos, or curated content, you can develop an audience consisting of your target market. Even if they aren’t ready to use your services for months or years, you’ve developed a relationship with them that will likely turn into business down the road.

It’s About Pull Not Push Marketing

Push marketing is all about telling your potential customers they should buy from you. Pull is about education and subtle promotion that informs rather than sells. As consumers continue to get bombarded by ads in every possible form, they turn away from push campaigns and gravitate to those that pull them in.

A pull strategy motivates customers to buy instead of telling them to buy. It gathers those actively seeking new information and gives them just enough to strengthen their curiosity. They associate this information and education with your brand and begin to think of you as a thought leader. When the time comes to make a choice, your top-of-mind awareness will almost always win out over your push marketing competitors.

Don’t make the mistake of blowing your MSP marketing budget on pay-per-click campaigns that could turn away as many potential customers as it brings in. Focus more on a strong pull marketing strategy to increase your sales.

About the Arthur

IT Services San FranciscoMark McGarvey is president of One Click Solutions Group, a managed IT services in San Francisco and security provider serving small and mid-sized businesses with 20 to 100 employees in the Bay Area. Mark began his career in IT consulting in the 90s as a senior support technician for a then-small company in Austin, TX called Dell. After working for a number of organizations in desktop support/management and systems administration, Mark realized a passion for two things: Ensuring computer systems ran smoothly and keeping the people that used these systems happy and productive.

This passion helped him get his IT services business started in San Francisco!  As a small business owner, Mark empathizes with other business owners that need IT Support in San Francisco and understands the things dearest to them: Increasing productivity and efficiency and keeping costs low and ROI high.

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