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MSP Business | April 17, 2017

Boost Your MSP Business’ Marketing Campaign by Implementing Security Services in Your Bundles!

MSP BusinessWhistle Hackers

Your MSP business will be most secure should it employ the latest technology available on the market. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t enough. If you have a field that’s producing a good harvest and is parasite-free, will neglecting that field ensure it remains able to produce a good harvest bereft of parasites? No. Over time, neglect will transform stasis into degradation. Even when it comes to the least technological application of society you can think of, stagnant operation breeds decline. This is because entropy currently dictates reality— but then, so does change.

Where the analogy breaks down is in the exponential level of tech development we see today. A field can only get so much better or worse given time and even concerted effort. When it comes to technology, the stagnancy and advances are substantially compounded.

An Example from Recent History

Did you know early hackers could use a toy whistle to hack payphones and secure connections without paying the fees they were supposed to? This isn’t possible today. But for years, it was a go-to means of breaking through systems for many hackers. Those who owned such systems grew savvy of the security hole and patched it. This forced hackers to proactively develop other ways of breaking in.

Even if you have an advanced system that is designed specifically to thwart hacking, eventually hackers and other cyber criminals will engineer a workaround. Sourcing workarounds is integral to the cybercrime industry. What does this mean to you as a small business owner?

It means the security of your MSP business can’t be left in a “stationary” position for long. Basically, once you reach a level where things are primarily secure, it’s time to start looking for the next best security solution against hack attack. The security of your operations must necessarily be at the forefront of your business model.

Marketing Your Security Solutions

When it comes to marketing your MSP services to clients, it’s integral they know your measures aren’t just requisite to keep hackers out, but are continuously transitioning into new areas of security that weren’t previously available on the market.

If you don’t stay on top, eventually clients will experience some sort of security compromise which forces them into a very serious reevaluation of the technology solutions currently being used. It’s likely they’ll find some secondary services provider who has a proactive model of service delivery and go with them. It’s not just integral for your internal systems that your MSP keep on the cutting edge of security solutions, it’s essential to your bottom line.

Special Considerations

As you go about refining operations, you’re going to want to market the proactive nature of your security solutions to clients. You’ll want to emphasize things like:

• Backup and data recovery solutions
• Secure encryption
• Cloud computing security (be sure to show why the cloud is more secure)
• Proactive digital security solutions

If potential clients know data will always be safe with your MSP, not only will they retain your services, but it’s likely they’ll act as an additional marketing tool themselves, telling other similar businesses about the services you provide.

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