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MSP Marketing | March 16, 2017

What’s More Important: Website Aesthetic or MSP Marketing Utility?

msp marketingWhen it comes to MSPs marketing their website, you might think that the question about aesthetic or utility is old as this question: “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Many IT companies are squarely in the website aesthetic camp because they have added extremely complicated software to their WordPress website.
In a perfect world, we could have website aesthetics and marketing utility, but is that an option or should IT companies make a difficult choice?

The Aesthetic Camps Reasoning

It’s not difficult to understand why the aesthetics of an MSP marketing website is so important to the average IT company. Most of them feel that the slicker and more impressive their website is, the more leads they will generate. Of course, most IT executives in this camp don’t base their decisions on any research; rather, they base their decision on their own personal feelings on the subject. Because of this prevailing view among technology professionals, it’s common to find over-engineered websites that run slow, have a lot of Flash, and cause their meager to nonsexist traffic to bounce. Of course, a highly aesthetic website doesn’t have much utility or practical use!

Why Aesthetics Don’t Matter

While I might sound like I am totally throwing those IT companies in the aesthetic camp under the bus, it’s important to know that I used to drink their Kool-Aid. I love Macintosh computers and believe that the aesthetics that Steve Jobs envisioned for his products helped propel Apple into the corporate stratosphere. So, it’s obvious that, in most cases, the beauty of something is important, but here is why this idea doesn’t work when it comes to internet marketing:
Many times, the techniques that aesthetic MSPs use on their website block SEO benefits like Flash. In general, Flash is not readable by Google search bots and web crawlers— this means that any keyword text you optimized in Flash has absolutely zero SEO value. Therefore, the crux of this debate about the aesthetics of an MSP website versus its marketing utility hinges on the general fact that highly ‘creative’ websites that use tactics that negate the value of SEO can’t get top-ranked and, therefore, have no traffic.


It goes without saying that an aesthetic MSP website that doesn’t have any traffic has no marketing utility! However, making the choice to stop creating fancy website sections can be quite difficult. It took me a long time to break this habit and get on the simple website bandwagon. However, the person that convinced me kept pointing out that the best website in the world is Google and it’s the simplest site. However, the truth is that Google loves simple WordPress sites the most! So, it’s time to look in the mirror ask yourself, “Do I want a cool website at the cost of traffic or is it time to dump to fancy web development and get a simple website that generates lots of traffic?”

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