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MSP Business | March 26, 2017

Should MSP Businesses Fear Internet Marketing Competition?

MSP BusinessWhen you talk to MSPs about any type of marketing and don’t offer exclusivity, then you will see them run in horror, especially when you’re talking about internet marketing. For some reason, IT companies seem to be hard-wired in the brain to always expect exclusivity. When I speak at trade shows, the number one question everyone wants to know is how we can work with more than one MSP in the same market. Read more to find out how several IT companies can use the same internet marketing vendor and coexist successfully and peacefully!

Don’t Think about Internet Marketing in One Dimension!
One of the first mistakes that IT companies make when they start to fear working with an MSP marketing vendor, along with some of their IT competition in the same region, is one-dimensional thinking. If you look at a metro area like Los Angeles and feel that if you hire an SEO firm that they can only work for you, then this is one-dimensional thinking. You see, internet marketing is all about keywords, and there are many and various keywords available in any given market and no internet marketing company could possibly ever get your MSP business top-ranked on every single one of them.

Some Keywords Don’t Fit

A good example is the keyword “computer repair *whatever city*”— this is a keyword that your garden-variety managed service provider would turn their nose to. In other words, it would matter if their worst competitor staked a claim to the # 1 position of this keyword. Next, there are some region keywords that also won’t work for every MSP in the same market. For example, “IT support Orange County” is not a great keyword for a downtown LA-based IT provider. Once again, this IT company most likely wouldn’t care if their arch rival dominated the # 1 position on that keyword.

Too Many High-Ranking Keywords

However, if you take five or six of the high-traffic keywords in your metro area, there is still room for some MSP competitors. I think I heard a few, “Wathcha Talking about Willis?” from my readers. The truth is that the cost of getting top-ranked on all these high-ranking keywords would be cost-prohibitive. Just to claim the # 1 position on three of these high-value keywords take oodles of original articles, guest blogs, new sections, and keyword optimization. When you add up the manpower to do all the work to overtake just three top keyword positions, it is cost-prohibitive for many IT companies.

Real World Example

Right now, we have several IT providers all top-ranked on different high-ranking keywords in Southern California. They all know about each other and are coexisting peacefully and successfully as they are getting enough sales leads from being # 1 on specify keywords. Consider these facts carefully because if you prematurely turn your back on our MSP marketing offer just because you don’t think you can work with other IT competitors, then you would be missing a golden opportunity based on a false premise!

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