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marketing for IT | March 17, 2017

Are You Sponsoring ‘Marketing for IT’ Events in Vertical Markets?

SponsMarketing for IToring marketing for IT events in specific verticals can bring valuable exposure to your company. You’ll be able to improve market share by increasing visibility. It also gives you a chance to meet decision makers and it shows that you support your industry by sponsoring events. Here are some reasons to pursue vertical marketing:

Generate Your Contact List

One of the advantages of vertical marketing for the IT industry is that it gives you the opportunity to build a contact list from distributing your business cards at events. It’s a way to increase the odds that your cards will be saved by people who care about your business, so that your marketing has a higher degree of efficiency. If you do this, you’ll be in closer touch with your target market than if you just randomly hand out cards.

The best way to penetrate a vertical industry is to attend trade shows. You’ll have access to a crowd that already has an interest in what you offer. Not only can you meet potential customers, but you may also meet people who’d make ideal partners. Sometimes, it’s even possible to meet media figures, such as trade journalists, who look for emerging entrepreneurs to interview. Outside of trade shows, vertical marketing can be very challenging.

Start New Relationships

The fact that you’ll be meeting new colleagues and customers means that you can expand your universe of relationships, which can help grow your business. This type of marketing (focusing on the IT industry) is very powerful, especially if you’re prepared to organize the names in a software platform that allows you to create profiles of customers and partners, and integrates with email. Collecting as much information as possible on new contacts is part of the key to building loyal relationships.

Following up with phone calls is an important part of keeping new relationships alive. Contacting people through various media is another strategy that keeps conversations going. It’s important to personalize each email, since people prioritize email based on who they know and trust. The more you interact with contacts about their interests, the greater chance you’ll have to retain them as followers of your brand.

Benefits from Sponsorships

An effective way to gain visibility in an industry is to display your banner at industry events. Most of the time, logo exposure at a trade show involves paying for sponsorships, but there may also be opportunities to get exposure through partnerships or trade agreements. The key is that big banners can be seen by big crowds from far away at big events— all the time. The more people, especially industry thought leaders, who witness and absorb your brand name, the more your brand will gain importance in your industry.

People tend to gravitate toward brands in which they’re familiar. The main pathway to brand awareness is advertising through media or at public events. To maximize a trade show sponsorship, you should take a multi-channel approach and try to present your brand in as many different forms as possible. In other words, go beyond handing out business cards.


You can create a brand awareness campaign by sponsoring vertical marketing events. Learn more about marketing for IT by contacting us at MSP SEO Factory today. We can help elevate your business with efficient technology and marketing solutions.

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